My Races & Reports


RaceDateLocationRace DetailsSwimBikeRunTotalPlace
Bartlett Lake Olympic03/16/14Scottsdale1500m swim, 25 mi. bike, 6.25 mi. run 31:011:46:1359:253:16:396th in Age - 33rd Overall
Mesa Olympic Relay05/04/14Mesa6.25 mi. run 49:202:361st in Relays


RaceDateLocationRace DetailsSwimBikeRunTotalPlace
Desert Classic Duathlon03/03/13Scottsdale3.9 mi. run, 26.5 mi. bike, 4 mi. run 28:551:17:3737:352:26:456th in Age
Pike's Peak Ascent08/17/13Manitou, CO13.5 mi. UPHILL runn/an/an/a4:40:32102 in age group
Corporate Rowing Regatta10/26/13Tempe, AZRowing some distance
Mesa Halloween Olympic10/27/13Mesa, AZ1700m swim, 24 mi. bike, 6.25 mi. run40:341:09:4652:052:42:253rd in age / 23rd overall
HITS Havasu 70.3 11/09/13Lake Havasu, AZ1.2 mi. swim, 56 mi. bike, 13.1 mi run


RaceDateLocationRace DetailsSwimBikeRunTotalPlace
Desert Classic Half Marathon01/28/12Surprise13.1 mile runn/an/an/a1:37:214th in Age
JCC Sprint Tri02/26/12Scottsdale500yd swim
12.6 mile bike
4 mile run
10:4735:5225:341:12:13 1st in Age
Desert Classic Duathlon03/10/12Scottsdale3.75 mi run, 30 mile bike,
3.75 mile run
25:351:31:2734:252:32:169th in Age
Marquee Olympic Tri04/15/12Tempe1500m swim
24 mile bike
6.25 mile run
37:001:08462:3615th in Age
Seville Sprint Tri04/22/12Gilbert300m swim
15.4 mile bike
2 mile run
7:0938:1214:0459:243rd Overall - 1st in Age
Ironman St. George05/05/12St. George2.4 mile swim
112 mile bike
26.2 mile run
1:40:307:155:0014:25:20Have the medal.
Chino Valley Sprint06/03/12Chino Valley, AZ300m swim
22 mile bike
3.1 mile run
6:171:05:1522:551:34:261st in Age - 6th overall
Payson Sprint06/09/12Payson, AZ500m swim
15.4 mile bike
3.1 mile run
10:2544:3422:181:17:1611th Overall - 4th in Age (30-39)
Mountain Man 70.308/12/12Flagstaff, AZ1.2 mile swim
56 mile bike
13.1 mile run
46:082:442:155:50:385th in Age
Cochise County Cycling Classic10/13/12Douglas, AZ
167 mile bike
7hr 55min1st in age6th OverallPlatinum FinishYeah baby!
SOMA 70.310/21/12Tempe1.2 mile swim
56 mile bike
13.1 mile run
482:341:515:17:1513th in Age (of 90)
Ironman Arizona11/18/12Tempe2.4 mile swim
112 mile bike
26.2 mile run
1:475:404:1311:57:26121st in Age (of 300+)
Thanksgiving Reverse Sprint11/22/12Goodyear2 mile run
12 mile bike
400m swim
14:2433:4411:0659:146th in Age (of 15)
Rock N Roll 13.112/02/12Las Vegas, NVNO swim
NO bike
13.1 mile run
Sally's Run12/08/12Tempe, AZNO swim
NO bike
3.1 mile run
n/an/an/a20:223rd in Age


RaceDateLocationRace DetailsSwimBikeRunTotalPlace
Duathlon02/20/11Scottsdale3.1 mile run 21 mile bike
3.5 mile run
1st in Age
Sprint Tri04/03/11Gilbert400yd swim
12 mile bike
3.1 mile run
2nd in Age
Sprint Tri05/15/11Mesa300 yd swim
15 mile bike
2 mile run
6th in Age
Sprint Tri07/03/11Scottsdale500yd swim
13 mile bike
2 mile run
5th in Age
Sprint Tri07/10/11Chino Valley300yd swim
15 mile bike
3.1 mile run
Bike flatted and crashed
DNFNo Time2nd in Age
Solana Beach Sprint Tri07/24/11San Diego500m ocean swim
9 mile bike
3.1 mile run
0:13:18 0:30:420:20:391:04:3928th in Age
Reverse Sprint Tri9/03/11Anthem3.1 mile run
15 mile bike
400 yd swim
12:00 (est)38:00 (est)20:00 (est)1:10 (real - but manual)5th in Age
Sprint Tri9/11/11Prescott150 yd swim
15 mile bike
2.5 mile run
3:1855:1117:091:15:382nd in Age
Bartlett Olympic Tri10/2/11Phoenix1500 m swim
25 mile bike
6.2 mile run
39:571:47:111:16:143:43:203rd in Age
Sprint Tri10/16/11Gilbert300yd swim
15 mile bike
2.8 mile run
7:0939:1920:141:06:414th overall - 1st in Age
Soma Half Ironman 70.310/23/11Tempe1.2 mile swim
56 mile bike
13.1 mile run
50:532:341:545:22:3938th in Age
Sprint Tri10/30/11Mesa400yd swim
12 mile bike
2 mile run
0:8:060:33:340:14:190:55:581st in age
Splash and Dash11/12/11Tempe1 mile swim
- 5K Run
32:17N/A24:0356:212nd in Age
El Tour de Tucson11/19/11Tucson111 mile bike rideN/A4:58N/A4:58Platinum
Reverse Sprint Tri11/24/11Goodyear2 mile run
12 mile bike
400m swim
12:2732:0910:2655:023rd in Age
Anthem Sprint Tri12/03/11Anthem400m swim, 15 mile bike, 3.1 mile run8:5544:2523:231:16:455th in age