My Gear

For the swim I have Sable Optics Goggles. I really like them. I have had them for about four months now. Prior to those I had some Nike and AquaSphere goggles that were sub par. I do wear a swim cap for helping keep water out of my ears and to be seen. I also wear silicon earplugs. My swimwear is either a onesie of the following brands Canari, Astek or Pearl IZumi. For those cooler swims I have a BlueSeventy Reaction full-sleeve wetsuit.

For the bike I ride a Kestrel RT1000 SL with SRAM Red components. I have a both a Lazer helmet and a classic aero helmet from the 90s. I ride Shimano triathlon specific cycling shoes. I just got this bike in March 2012 after the frame cracked on my other Kestrel. I finally have everything dialed in to my liking. So far it is great. The bike fit is the key! If it doesn't fit it matters not how awesome the gear. I also rode Carrie's Transition Pro TT bike for a while. It's a nice bike - but we ultimately sold it due to the lack of handling and less than desirable climbing.

I bike and run   in what I swam in. I do have a race belt for my race number. You will likely see me carrying a Nathan hand-held hydration bottle.

For the run I currently use the following shoes:

Nike Vomero 7
Asic Kayano 19s
New Balance trail runners

I still swear by Balega socks. I will wear Brooks socks from time to time.