Thursday, May 4, 2017

Your clue

This "health care" bill is perfectly acceptable for everyone except for Trump and the members of Congress? Folks -- that is your sign that you are getting screwed by the very people you are celebrating.

Begging you - wake up. If this crap was all above board and in line with average folks goals and lifestyles -- it would not be necessary for them to make votes or changes to bills at 3am in the morning.

Newsflash -- if you are "upset" about the lack of religious protection 'against' gay people -- but not upset about the president lying to you about jobs and health care -- you might have some things to reconsider about politics.


If you showed up to your job and lied to your boss on a daily basis would you expect to keep your job? Conversely, if you owned a company and your employees lied to you on a daily basis would you allow them to keep their jobs?  Eventually this type of lying will cost the company or the individual their livelihoods. 
This horrible excuse for a human and his cabinet members are lying to us on a daily basis ON VIDEO and then turning around and trying to make us believe that the video captured is lying. What happened to the world? We used to live in a place where lying was not acceptable.

I am reposting my post from last month - because it is still 100% accurate if you can remove the "but we won" blinders.

I've not been a "main stream media" viewer in my entire life. I watch the local news to keep informed about what is happening on the local stage. They generally have no reason to "make up" news stories.

These "MSM" outlets are simply filled with talking heads that are in their position to get ratings for their wealthy, elitist and overly entitled ownership. You know, the monsters like Trump and his cabinet of billionaires / hatemongers / selfishness for personal gain.

So, I will let you decide who is really being snowed and why.

I keep reading how the "LIHBRAWLS" are the ones that are being snowed. Folks, I am watching what is being said by the cabinet on video. I am watching what they are doing in their 3AM voting sessions. I am watching the decisions being made that serve only one false god -- POWER. I beg you to pay attention. Things like "Right to Work" are the way to get rid of what little power the middle class have left in our messed up world. Things like "defunding public education" take away any hope for future generations to be able to do better than their parents. Things like removing investment protection like Dodd Frank do nothing but allow wealthy people to steal working folks nest eggs 'legally'.

Stop believing what Faux news is telling you. PAY ATTENTION to what is happening. Trump is not bringing back jobs... or good jobs at least. Trump does not care about you in the middle class. If he did care about GOOD jobs you would not have to worry about over half the states in the country voting out labor unions. If he cared about you he would NOT get rid of the EPA ... rather he would fix the "problems" that the agency has rather than just gut it in favor of clearing the path for corporations to make more profits.

Pay f&*#ing attention please.

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