Tuesday, March 21, 2017

If you voted against weakness ... newsflash

In a survey of some Trump / GOP supporters, the overarching theme was that Obama was "weak". Rather than wasting my time in attempting to correct their thoughts I decided to change the subject.

Now - it is my belief that the Government as a whole is a designed set of lies to serve whatever special interest that is paying the highest commission to which party / committee / individual.

I believe Trump to be even more weak because of his blatant refusal to tell the truth on some very important topics. Here's the deal. If you tell the truth and do what you say you are going to do - this much scandal does not follow you around. Not all of this stuff about Russia is made up folks. Something is there. You can deny it all you want and keep supporting - but you are then only contributing to the issue. Heck, Flynn was on both Russia and Turkey's payroll and he has confirmed that. He was even still on Turkey's payroll AFTER he was sworn in to Trump's cabinet. These issues are a big deal and they are not all made up by "butt hurt" Democrats.

Want more proof that the grand old party does not have your interest at heart? Here's proof of the attitude in Congress. Trump is not slick enough to hide the reality. "Vote for TrumpCare or lose your congressional seat!" He means what he says AND he knows that that is the only thing that most of the members of the GOP care about - and not because of their burning desire to represent US ... but rather the kickbacks and golden parachutes involved in a career of glad-handing.

Come join me here in the middle and get rid of these liars that only want power and to isolate all the wealth to the already super-wealthy.

Being moderate and having the ability to see both ends of the silly two party system we operate within is REAL STRENGTH.

I'll end this with a few quotes about lying:

My father always told me that what's wrong with lying is that it's an admission of weakness. If you're the strongest, you can afford to tell the truth.

--K. J. PARKER, Evil for Evil

The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.

--ELENA GOROKHOVA, A Mountain of Crumbs

Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.

--BIBLE, Proverbs 12:22

The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool.

--STEPHEN KING, Needful Things

Lies are like sleeping pills. You should only use them when you absolutely have to. They spoil everything if you make a habit of them.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Moving past complaining and offering some ideas


I've complained enough without offering enough solutions. Here are some things to consider. I have done quite a bit of research on these items. Our current administration has no interest in listening to what logical people want – so I am mainly doing this to curb my own angst over the poor or complete lack of leadership.

The following list would invest in our country's future while fighting to protect the environment and strengthening protections hard working tax payers in the middle class deserve.

The bonus items in this list also include the following highlights:

1) We should increase in spending for law enforcement.
2) We should increase in spending for military.
3) Combined all of these changes WILL produce a drastic reduction in our future deficit.
4) No “tax attack” on corporations that employee middle class individuals.

If I can figure this out -- why can't our "leaders"?

I can isolate some big problems with the lobby in Washington in their protection of the following industries.

1) Big insurance – Insurance is much of the problem with Health Care. It’s not the physicians causing the problems with the spike in health care costs. It’s the lobbyists and politicians that have bought off members of congress to protect their “right” to arbitrarily raise premiums to keep their profit margins in line with the UNREAL expectations of the investors.

2) Big oil – defending big oil with any line of crap will not fly with me. If we would switch our focus to sustainable energy sources the middle class would greatly benefit and the future would be more secure.

3) Stock Market and profit demands from investors are NOT sustainable or realistic. With a shrinking middle class – most companies are losing potential consumers. Investors MUST be required to either invest more OR expect less profit.

4) Big pharma – what a racket. This gouging must stop. Profit is good. Extreme profit and monopoly is unhealthy.

I am NOT suggesting this is EASY work. I am not suggesting that this would turn around tomorrow. What I am saying is that if you put a road map like this in place and do things in a logical and orderly fashion we can achieve the best result for the largest number of Americans.

Tax Credits and Deductions

Convert mortgage interest deduction to credit --

What does this mean? Rich folks save up to $400.00 per $1000.00 of mortgage interest they pay ... while us here in the middle save only $150.00 on the same $1000.00. Therefore, we in the middle are encouraged to spend more than we might can afford to reduce our overall cost on ownership. Level this out -- $150.00 per thousand for everyone. Period.

Limit Tax Breaks for Top Earners--

What does this mean? This simply means that the top earners should NOT get more breaks than middle or lower class people.

Limit deductibility of drug advertising --

What does this mean? --Drug companies need to be policed more. They get to deduct the cost of their marketing campaigns AND they market so heavily it convinces some consumers that they have diseases or conditions that they do not have.

Expand the child tax credit --

What does this mean? -- People get better tax credits for their children - especially those families with young children when it is super important to have great care and education for babies and toddlers.

End tax breaks for fossil fuel --

What does this mean? -- Oil companies make a TON of profit even after paying their workers. Why would we subsidize a non-sustainable energy source that is already making so much profit? Put the subsidies into something sustainable like solar. Please.

Arts and Sciences

Increase funding for arts and humanities –

What does this mean? -- Basically this funding will promote the American value of inventiveness and creativity - no arts funding - no future fun and enjoyment.

Boost National Science Foundation Funding—

What does this mean? -- It is what it is - science and technology are here to stay so we need to invest in it to keep pace with the changes around the world. Progress in math, computers and realistic service- based economics is required to keep us going as a country.

Increase National Institutes of Health Budget --

What does this mean? -- Grants for scientists doing VITAL research on health and health care. DUH!

Social Security

Cut Social Security COLA --

What does this mean? – COLA = Cost of Living Adjustment - Hold on before you blow your lid. We are going to cut the spending on COLA - but we are going to balance it out by using tax revenue to boost it more sustainably. Plus - cutting COLA can ensure that the other benefits promised can get paid.

Use income taxes to fund social security --

What does this mean? -- Yeah - we are cutting some government revenue on this one ... but we are allocating it to finish the promises started by taking care of retired folks that paid into the system throughout their entire career.

Boost low-wage worker social security --

What does this mean? -- Raise the social security benefits for low wage workers that worked for 30 years and paid into the system to at least 25% above the poverty line. It makes sense. They will have extra money to pay their own way AND even some discretionary income to either save OR put back into the system.

Infrastructure and Transportation

Increase infrastructure spending --

What does this mean? -- This one is DUH ... The GOP wants us to rely on "donations" to maintain our airports, roads, bridges, water lines and communication. Yeah - like that will happen. This will ensure that we spend what we need to maintain and advance the infrastructure.

Double subsidies for Amtrak --

We should have never walked away from the railroad concept. It is a solid idea to have rails. Let’s get some cars and trucks off the roads AND be more efficient without deliveries to boot.

Law and Order

Increase Homeland Security Spending --

What does this mean? -- Boost funding for Homeland Security by 25%. If you GOPers are so frightened -- this should make you feel safer.

Spend more on law enforcement --

What does this mean? -- Boost spending for federal state and local law enforcement. Including border security.

Enact Immigration Reform --

You want travel bans? We want reform of the laws already on the books. With an increase in law enforcement we can improve immigration logically.

Taxes on Investments

Impose new tax on financial transactions --

What does this mean? -- A 0.1% tax on the purchase of stocks and bonds. This will likely not effect ANYONE but it certainly will affect less of the working folks. And do not even suggest this will affect market liquidity because it's already a casino world for day traders anyway.

Raise capital gains on assets held less than 6 years --

What does this mean? -- Investors must hold investments for at least 6 years to reduce their taxes on gains from 40% to 20%. That is fair. Plus - it does not affect most folks in the middle class anyway.

Tax carried interest as ordinary income --

What does this mean? -- Private equity holders currently save BILLIONS of dollars per year on earnings from investments due to tax protections. Wall Street investors make a ton of cash for "risk" rather than "work". Work is American. Risk is for gamblers. If they win big - they can afford to pay the house for allowing them to play. If they lose -- they knew the risks going in.


Two years of community college for free --

What does this mean? -- Provide states with funding for two years of community college at accredited and qualified institutions and students must maintain a 2.5 GPA. DUH!

Preschool for four-year old’s --

What does this mean? -- Get those children ready for grade school the right way. The early years are the best years to form learning. Do it. It's the best way to ensure we have a base level of education across the board.

Make 4-year public college debt free --

What does this mean? -- Provide states with grants for four years of public college at accredited and qualified institutions and students must maintain a 2.5 GPA. DUH! The only other requirement is a contribution by parents to subsidize the funding AND the student needs to maintain a part-time job.

Income and Payroll Taxes

Eliminate cap on wages subject to payroll tax--

Right now, folks that earn more than $127,000 per year get a break on any wages above $127,000. We'd also need to curb lawsuits and workarounds for people trying to hide income. Pay the taxes ... especially since you are earning SOOOO much more than middle class America.

Enact the Buffet Rule - a tax on millionaires --

What does this mean? -- A 30% minimum tax on those adjusted gross incomes of $1 million per year or higher. This increases revenue AND does not have very much impact the lifestyles of super wealthy people if they are managing their spending responsibly.

Lower the inflation adjustment for taxes --

What does this mean? -- Right now the tax bracket thresholds are adjusted upward for inflation ... but the adjustment is about 25% too high. Let's fix that and stop protecting the super wealthy and their bad spending habits.

Boost taxes on the super-rich --

What does this mean? -- This means the top 0.2% of tax payers will start paying their fair share rather than getting loopholes and workarounds. Let's add a 4% surcharge on people that earn 5 million or more per year.

Use income taxes to fund Medicare --

What does this mean? -- The trust fund for Medicare will run out in 15 years. We must fix this. With increases in taxes to balance out the contributions we would have the money to fund Medicare sustainably ... without effecting too many of Americans.

Raise taxes on $153,000 + earners --

What does this mean? -- Raise taxes by 1% on those folks earning above $153,000 per year. This only effects 5% of American taxpayers

Food and Agriculture

Tax Sugary Drinks --

What does this mean? -- 1 penny per ounce of tax on sugary drinks. Huge revenue.

Tighten eligibility for food stamps --

What does this mean? -- If earners are 30% above the poverty line - they no longer qualify for food stamps.

Reduce farm subsidies --

What does this mean? -- End welfare for farmers! The federal government pays 60% of crop protection insurance for giant farms. This does not mean to get rid of subsidies. It means encourage responsible farm management.

Energy and Environment

Increase the gas tax --

What does this mean? -- Increase gas tax from 18 to 35 percent to better fund infrastructure projects and transportation programs. This has not been increased since 1993. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Gas guzzlers for daily drivers are no longer acceptable.

End tax breaks for fossil fuels --

What does this mean? -- These subsidies should have been killed years ago which would have forced big oil to find better and more sustainable means for energy. Oil and gas are not sustainable. We need to all admit it and innovate something new.

Impose a carbon tax --

What does this mean? -- Put a price on pollution. Nobody can survive with dirty air and filthy water. All living things breath air or water. If we pollute it we consume it. DUH. Put a $25 per ton tax on entities producing pollutants. Period.

Corporate Taxes

Discourage companies from moving overseas --

What does this mean? -- Rescind tax breaks for companies moving jobs out of the country. Impose an exit tax on companies choosing to leave.

Impose fee on too-big-to-fail banks --

What does this mean? -- Levy a fee on financial institutions with assets greater than $50 billion -- on a sliding scale charging the larger institutions more and adjusting for banks in risky markets.

Defense and Foreign Affairs

Increase active duty Army -

What does this mean? -- Increase active duty Army from 500,000 to 600,000 and eventually get the numbers back to 800,000 where it once was. It's important.

Health and Health Care

Expand programs for veterans --

What does this mean? -- These people gave their life to the cause - so let's increase their benefits from job training to mental health care. DUH!

Increase taxes on cigarettes --

What does this mean? -- It's a killer habit. This is duh. Just stop smoking. I’m not saying it is simple to quit – but your choices are pretty much A) Take a huge risk on getting unstoppable lung cancer OR B) Live a little longer and save a BUNCH of money. Kick back and drink some wine to relax. There’s a better way.

Reform malpractice laws --

What does this mean? -- Capping damages awarded in malpractice is step one in regulating the STUPID increase in insurance premiums. If we cap this BIG INSURANCE cannot cry as much about law suits.

Means test Medicare --

What does this mean? --If older folks were smart with their money they have the means to afford their health care ... Bill Gates and Warren Buffett do not need the full benefit of Medicare because they are wealthy. This means test would only effect the top 10% of wealthy seniors.

Boost access to generic drugs --

Another step to keep big corporations like BIG PHARMA in check. Give us better access to generics more quickly than 12 years of patent holding. It's just a corporate money grab.

Expand housing aid for qualified poor --

Let’s give vouchers for those folks that qualify to help them and their kids have a livable space to call theirs. Its human. Hold them to the requirements but if they meet them help them. They must have jobs and their kids must maintain grades or part time jobs.


These adjustments would ensure a better future for the country, protect the middle class and enhance the lifestyles of 97% of the country (roughly those that make under $153,000 per year). Even those effected by the taxes can stand to pay their fair share and still have more than everyone else.

Let's get it right folks. We can improve our country WITHOUT supporting corporations and the super wealthy folk’s interests. We can improve our country AND protect the environment. We can improve the country and provide better health care and education.

The folks I am not addressing or pandering to are the war mongers that want to start wars for the sake of fossil fuels or religion. Sorry. I cannot support either of these causes. They are just illogical and inhumane. Take your power lust/greed/arrogance elsewhere.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A dose of reality

Look folks we need to open our eyes here.

Nobody is attacking your Christian views. If you are getting flack it is likely because your pushy attitude rubbed someone logical the wrong way.

Nobody WANTS to kill babies. It's a public health issue between the woman and the physician.

Nobody is going to take your guns. An armed society is good in 90% of cases. It's in the constitution. Fox News et. al. are just telling you that the "liberals" are coming to get your guns to get you to vote for idiots like Trump.

Labor unions are good. Manufacturing jobs will be made increasingly automated. We are a service economy ... so the GOP is aiming at the wrong target with their guns that Obama didn't take.

Oh - remember all the fear mongering the GOP used to use against Socialism and Russia? So now that Trumputin is in office - the GOP  voters suddenly LOVE PUTIN. These numbers you Trump voters are showing is disturbing. You now love Russia ... because he won you the election?

So - now that I repeated the above for the fifteenth time I have some new thoughts.

Orangina stood up in Nashville and said that he wants to get rid of the Department of Justice. Really? Do you, as a Trump /GOP voter understand what that means? Yeah - you might get a travel ban that you believe you so desperately need but there is a slippery slope here that I believe you do not  understand.

This is a  ploy for them to begin the proceedings of a constitutional rewrite. This will be driven by the Koch brothers and Steve Bannon ... three people that do not give a rats ass about you, your babies, your guns, your jobs or your church. These are three people  that will use the absence of the DOJ to do whatever they want with the laws of the land. Here's a newsflash -- these three people are not Christians. You will suffer at their oppression. There will be no freedoms remaining. There will only be HUGE amounts of labor for very little pay or a little food. There  will be NO health care. There will be no social security. Think about the most economically oppressed part of the country you have ever visited. Now - with these monsters in charge -- that previous condition would be paradise compared to what  these evildoers have in mind for the country.

So say that you are 75 years old and you just want to go out with "America Great Again" before you die. What about  your grandkids? What life are you leaving for them if you give away our freedoms by getting rid of the very court system that protect us from IDIOT / GREEDY / UNINFORMED lawmakers?

Balanced media reporting is NOT the enemy. It is another thing that protects us from these monsters. If you believe what Trump is telling you about the media - I am probably too late  to rescue you. I just hope you are  okay with the current Constitution and all its freedoms being gone. The media IS the reason that our country has managed to make it the very short 250 years it has existed.

The rest  of the world is horrified. Their countries have been here a lot  longer and they know we are making HUGE mistakes by allowing these idiots gain all the power.

Protect the middle class. Protect logic. Protect diplomacy. Protect humanity.

Reject greed. Reject power. Reject false prophets. Reject the influence that would have you vote for and support those that are robbing your way of life.

Thoughts on bridging the gap

The message I sent to Senator Graham yesterday.

Senator Graham -

Whomever reads this - I need you to understand that I am proud of most everything Mr. Graham is doing to be logical in light of the lunacy in Washington since January 20th. I sent a similar letter of support to John McCain last month. This is my attempt to illustrate that bridges can be built.

I am a Democrat. I live in Western Kentucky. That makes me an endangered species. I do not mean that as a joke. I have lost  business when GOP voters have asked me how I voted. That's not cool. Oh and  notice I did not say I was a "liberal". I really do not like the way the term liberal has been vilified. See what you can do to stop that. What the GOP means when they say "liberal" 'extreme left'. Here in the middle - where most voters and people should be - we are just confused and frustrated by both parties.

This is a letter of support for your sane, logical and professional approach to the "New Washington Circus" that debuted on January 20th. You and I both know that this president and his cabinet are not the right leadership for our country. The problem is that politicians that are 'moderate' or 'centrist' in their approach are somehow seen as "weak".  To me it is short-sighted and weak to lean toward the extremes as a leader.

As one of the few sane leaders I see in Washington - you need to do what you can to actually protect the middle class. You need to do what you can to stifle the blatant disregard this administration has for our Constitution. The checks and balances are there to arrive at a consensus that serves the entire populous. The more "sane" Democrats can actually see the GOP viewpoints that are valid. We do not need to spend endlessly without returns. We do not need to weaken our military. At the same time we do not need to allow big business to have the ruling majority in the country. Your voting base has a history of voting against themselves under the guise of protecting fetuses and guns. Your party needs to stop distracting your bases from the real issues. The real issues are travesties like "Right to  Work" and the direct onslaught on Education. The theory we have on the logical Democrat side is that the extreme end of the GOP are in the pockets of big business and big business / super wealthy. The GOP and wealthy simply want control over the populous. An easy way to gain this control is to distract from the laws being passed and then reducing intelligence by making education a luxury item fit only for the super wealthy.

By the way -- gutting or getting rid of the EPA is a miserable idea that literally benefits NO ONE. Here is the real deal. If we pollute our drinking water and air for the sake of big business profits and a few 8 dollar per hour jobs - we will all eventually perish. Yes, that might be years away but it is your  job as a politician is to make sure that our future generations will continue to thrive.  Here's an idea - if the GOP is so good at managing money and 'doing business' ... why not go in and fix the problems with the organization? Dumping waste directly into rivers to avoid some business costs is NOT a sustainable solution.

Solar and wind are the future. Convince your so called GOP 'business geniuses' to get busy building their next giant business rather than resting on their trust funds produced by their great grandfather's oil business.

The Industrial Revolution happened years ago. We cannot base our "movement" on antiquated ideology. Going to war for the sake of economic boom is not only unethical - it has proven to be bad business ever since 1946. All of our skirmishes since have cost us a fortune. Let go of that idea please. "Make America Sane Again". Invest in forward thinking ideas. We are inventors. We are a service economy. Let's educate our populous. Let's move forward not backward.

Make logic and sanity 'sexy news' again - please. The middle / moderate approach is the best way to serve Americans.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Tom Price is going to get rich while you get sick ...

and he'll also have top notch health care.

I am here to provide you some shocking yet simple information.

Tom Price has and will continue to make money off of illegal trading based on health care.

In case you do not know, Mr. Price is the "boss" at Health and Human Services. He is also a confirmed violator of insider trading practices.

Soon after Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., was nominated to be President Donald Trump's Secretary of Health and Human Services, stories began to emerge about some suspicious stock trades he had made. Price, a former orthopedist who sits on an important health subcommittee, last March bought shares worth $1,000 to $15,000 in Zimmer Biomet, which makes orthopedic implants. Days later he filed legislation to delay a regulation that would have affected the company's profits. (The company's political action committee eventually contributed to Price's reelection campaign.)
In another case, Price bought $15,000 to $50,000 worth of Innate Immunotherapeutics, an Australian penny stock whose biggest shareholder is a fellow congressman, Rep. Christopher Collins, R-N.Y. Price acknowledges that he bought the stock last summer after being told about it by Collins.
Price and his defenders have put up a stout defense. The transition team issued a statement last week saying that Price had been "transparent" and had "complied with all applicable laws and ethics." 
Well, maybe. But the more I looked into it, the more I wound up thinking that his situation wasn't all that different from that of business journalists. Take Zimmer Biomet.

Price says that the fact that he filed the legislation so soon after buying the stock was pure coincidence. I suspect that's true. Last March, he says, his broker, who has discretion over his account, decided to rebalance his portfolio; Zimmer Biomet, a $22 billion market cap company, was added to Price's stock holdings. Read more here if you care to educate yourself on this issue.
The hand-picked CBO just confirmed that the "new" healthcare bill is a major fail. Look folks - the GOP literally only cares about making the 1% more wealthy.  Insurance executives and wealthy people will do very well under this new health care bill. Capitalism is not always a perfect answer to all economic issues. Especially when the economic issue is so closely mixed with a social issue.

The details and amounts here do NOT matter. The point is this: These are the people YOU have allowed to have power in our government. How do wealthy people who blatantly promote their own profit while in public office SERVE US as voters/citizens? How do people who contradict their position/stance on a topic in back-to-back paragraphs make fit leaders? Is double talk acceptable in your family? Is double talk acceptable in your church or at your work?  A lie is a lie. It has not changed. These rich people are dismantling your way of life right in front of your eyes and behind their closed doors they are laughing all the way to making a giant deposit into their personal trust fund.

Want more proof of double talk? Remember all that wacky wiretapping talk? Remember how last week we were so certain that Obama himself ordered a wire tap on Rump tower?

This came out today.

The White House on Monday walked back a key point of President Donald Trump's unsubstantiated allegation that President Barack Obama wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower during the 2016 election.

Namely, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump wasn't referring to wiretapping when he tweeted about wiretapping.

"I think there's no question that the Obama administration, that there were actions about surveillance and other activities that occurred in the 2016 election," Spicer said. "The President used the word wiretaps in quotes to mean, broadly, surveillance and other activities."

6 days later, no more clarity from Trump on wiretapping claims

Wiretapping is a narrowly defined surveillance activity that involves tapping into "a telephone or telegram wire in order to get information," according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Spicer also said that Trump was referring to the Obama administration broadly -- and not accusing Obama of personal involvement -- when he tweeted that "Obama had my 'wires tapped' in Trump Tower" and accused Obama of being a "bad" or "sick guy."

If you are not slapping your head over this unprofessional, uncaring and unqualified travesty we are living in right now you literally are not paying attention to the big picture.

I do not hate rich people. I hate rich people that get rich by abusing those that have less and using that wealth to control. That is literally all the GOP motive contains. They are not your church buddy. They are not your hunting buddy. They are taking your livelihood.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What is happening?

I have posted what I consider vocal and straight-forward posts on this mess.

I get marred down in reading people's comments on news stories.

I do not understand the stage at which we have arrived.

We have arrived at a stage where we are allowing a conman to control the narrative of the country while the GOP is in Congress lying about things under oath AND crumbling what little protections that are left for middle class folks.

I am going to boil this down to what I think is happening. You have three factions right now.

Faction #1 : (43% of the country) We won and you lost. MAGA! I can ignore the fact that I am rooting for the team that will destroy my current and future lifestyle because I love WINNING. Everything but the stuff I want to believe is fake news!

Faction #2 : (46% of the country) Trump is stupid and should be removed from Twitter. I am sore that we LOST. He is orange and has bad hair. Faux News is ruining America with Nazi-like propaganda.

Faction #3 : (11% of the country) Why are we allowing big business, big pharma, big insurance and the super wealthy take over the country? They do not know or understand the plight of the middle of America. They never have cared and they never will.

-- For Faction #1 - 42.5% of you should not support this man or his band of wealthy carpetbaggers that are hell bent on taking over the remainder of the country. They are stealing your livelihood and you are supporting their effort. You are cheering them on.  Say goodbye to good wages. Say goodbye to what little decently affordable healthcare you had. Say absolutely goodbye to having ANY negotiating power against giant corporations because there will be monopolies galore. The folks you are supporting literally do not give a shit about you. Newsflash - they didn't even care about you when they were going after your votes. You did not win the election. The GOP won the election and you lost. I promise. Listen dummies ... who cares about abortion laws when everyone is dirt poor and living in abandoned warehouses or shells of former middle class homes?

-- For Faction #2 - 45.5% of you should change your tune. Shut up about Trump. I agree he is awful. Do research. Look at the laws that the GOP is trying to shove through while we are all watching the shit show Trump is displaying. He's not doing this to distract us ... he's doing literally the only thing he knows how to do - be a giant douche. The GOP knows this and guess what? It's working. If you all would just calm down and focus your efforts on those things that will block big business continued power grab and protect us here in the middle - we will all benefit from that effort ... including the ultra rich. By the way, businesses are essential in most economic models. I am not anti-business. I own a business. I am anti-greed and anti-corruption.

-- For Faction #3 : All 11% of you need to coach your friends, family members and whomever will listen into sifting through the reality TV noise and boil it down to the issues at hand. The moves made by the GOP are disturbing for both the short term and the future of the country. Dismantling the EPA? Dismantling Public Education? Even if those things require some work - the answer is NOT do dismantle them. Even if this is just rhetoric from the GOP to slash budgets and make the people who survive the job slashing feel "lucky to have a job" ... it is still short sighted and down-right a control ploy.

I am afraid we have finally arrived at the government's Peter Principle. We have promoted all these windbags that are NOT part of the super rich to a level well beyond their ability to be effective as leaders and law makers. Hence they are easy pickings for controlling folks like the Koch brothers to buy and control.

Until someone smarter than me points out that middle-out economics is the only logical way that our republic can survive we are on a path where there will only be the VERY poor and the VERY wealthy. In a consumer and service economy - the middle is both the beginning and the sustenance of the commerce. There's no such thing as trickle down economics. It does not trickle and it does not move downward. It is a fire hose of cash that shoots upward and the GOP is trying to squash any hope for an outside force to act upon it,

PS -- The remaining 1% left out in the description paragraphs represent the folks that will actually benefit from the GOP moves if we as the people leave them unfettered by either being supportive or remaining silent.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Job Description of the President

Okay Dickhead J Trump -

I am a plebeian. I am part of the middle class that you hate. This is me being a stickler for the rules. This is me being a jerk ... but I am being a jerk with a purpose.

If you can read - here is your job description. It's 10 line items. You should review it. In fact, have one of your staffers print this out and tape it to every wall you see on a daily basis.


You'll notice on this list - there is literally no mention of whining about things that do not concern the advancement of the republic.
  • This list does not include whining about your personal business dealings.
  • This list does not include whining about previous presidents.
  • This list does not include whining about the press.
  • This list does not include protecting liars, crooks and traitors.
  • This list does not include lying as part of your job.
  • This list does not include anything about party lines.
How can you act like such a "tough guy" and then turn around and whine / blame someone else for your failings?  Real tough guys own their mistakes. Real tough guys do not have petty feuds over nonsensical dealings.

Review this list and do your damned job. You, of all people, should understand "firing". It is a real thing and you are cruising to get fired.

If I tried to pull any of these lies and stunts you have pulled - my employers and customers would fire me in a heartbeat.

PS - Everyone consider this: The only people that are REALLY concerned about wire taps are those same people that are involved in some nefarious dealings. We KNOW as a citizen base that there are reasons to be concerned about this administration's relationships with "bad comrades".

Do your damned job idiot.