Friday, February 24, 2017

Keeping it clean

If I were talking to someone in person I would say this more directly and with far more cursing.

How the hell does anyone resolve to CONTINUE to support a person that filters a news conference to only those organizations that are slanted to support the abstract and skewed views of a greed-based administration?

For example: Very misleading information purposely designed to make you feel comfortable with your vote:
"The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama first mo."

Don't believe this mess for a second. This is a very skewed statistic designed to distract. Our economy in 2008 was failing. This is like me saying that I can cut super-tight donuts captaining an aircraft carrier.  We know this debt reduction is a lie because you cannot take credit for any budget happenings after 30 days in office. The government is MASSIVE (whether you like it or not) and cannot make turn on a dime moves without a bit more time than 30 days. We also know that you have spent a tremendous amount of money traveling (way more than Obama) golfing and vacationing on our dime while your company makes money off you and your family's travels.

Some of us are NOT stupid enough to believe the bullshit you are spewing.

If you think this is acceptable for any leadership to do to a country then we have a LONG road ahead of us. If you are still supporting this administration you are just as bad or worse than the people the "fake news" agencies report on daily. You are turning a blind eye to what they are doing because you are either incapable of understanding things beyond the wedge issues they trapped you on... or worse, in your heart you are a dark and evil person that loves greed and loves to see people struggle that do not think EXACTLY like you on wedge issues that are generally not part of public policy.

This is a person --DONALD J TRUMP--  that lies for sport to see how much he can get away with sans being arrested. He's not paying taxes. You and I would be in PRISON if we did not do that. Besides - contributing a fair share should be an American value.

This is an administration that will do all of the following:

1) Leave you stranded without affordable or even access to health care.
2) Get rid of your and your children's social security benefits.
3) Get rid of affordable and accessible public education.
4) Get rid of labor unions that protect livable wages for the middle class Americans.
5) Get rid of regulations to support big business that will quickly pollute every resource around us where it is impossible to drink anything but water provided by TRUMP natural spring water ... we'll be unable to grow crops that are not polluted .... and we'll eventually parish because they'll remove every single tree in every single forest because they are in the way of farming or business ventures.

.... I can go on but I am so f-ing tired of all this crap it is just pointless.

You all can have it.

You have it the way you voted. Good luck with all this crap.