Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wedge Issues : Purposeful distraction and division

It’s time to stop listening to candidates and pundits who use wedge issues to stoke our fears and divide us. We have to agree to disagree on those subjects and stop voting against our own interests. While people argue about guns, abortion, immigration and religion, the income inequality problem continues and the middle class shrinks. (Williams 2016)

We have to support LEADERS (notice I did not say politicians) who will focus on economic issues that will benefit workers, not the billionaires. So the questions to ask ourselves in the upcoming election are: Who will support policies that will improve the lives of working people? Who will support a worker’s right to form a union? Who will  make it easier for workers to collectively bargain with their employer? Who will address the wealth disparity in the country? It’s time to mobilize DEMAND the right people to govern our country and communities. (Williams 2016)

The good people of the country just continue to get tricked by these wedge issues. I refuse to fall for it.

I believe in the Constitution. The founding fathers were wise. They knew to separate church and state even though most  of them were devoutly religious. Stop voting against yourself. Please. I beg you.

Running a country is not like running a business, no matter how many ways you can compare and dissect.  If we do not protect the middle class and use "middle out" economics, even the giant corporations that many politicians pray to will cease to exist because there will be no one left to consume the products and services provided by these corporations. It is not hard to understand.