Thursday, October 13, 2016

Haven't posted in almost a year

So it has been a crazy 11 months. On the very last bike ride I did - I tweaked a knee pretty seriously. I don't even remember any pain during the ride but for about four months I struggled with swelling. Finally one of the three cortisone shots worked. I think it was about April before it was finally all resolved.

Since then I have done a bit of stage acting at the Market House Theater in Paducah. I was the Doctor in a show called The Outsiders. This book and play were the basis of the popular 80s movie with Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, etc. That was fun. It was my first acting since 2005 in Phoenix. Fun project.

In June I resigned from my Software Engineer position at CSI in Paducah. I have no ill will toward anyone there. It was just time to do something different in life. 17 years in a cubicle is plenty for me.

So now I am doing landscape and lawn care on 20 + lawns. I am still doing some software and web work on the side. I am still an Adjunct faculty member. I have done some handyman type work on some local homes.

I've also become a "bee haver". Meaning I have 12 colonies of bees and my intent is to keep those and grow more bees. We started our education with the bees about October of 2015. In May of this year we got our first two colonies. In August we added 10 more. If I manage to winter these colonies over until the spring nectar - I will say that I kept those bees. I will probably never proclaim to be an actual beekeeper -because ultimately they will do what they are going to do. All I can do is try and provide them a good place to live and help them out when they need my assistance. It's not really about the honey. It's about making more bees.

I know the country is mired in some very negative emotions right now. I have a take on it. Some of you might not like it, but this is my journal so I will type what I want and let the chips fall where they may.

1) Remember that respect is a two way street. You have to earn it AND you have to give it when it is earned.

2) There's no substitute for hard work. You can't rely on "zany" YouTube videos to make you rich. Get out and work.

3) Don't be a troll. Keyboard bravado is a major contributor to our angst as a country. If you would not say it to your Grandma - you ought not to post it on Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook.

4) Before you post claims as fact or repost someone else's post on "social media" - take the time to do a little  fact checking before spouting off. Right now some incorrect messages are being posed as fact and it is feeding the negativity.

5) Work within the locus of your control. Meaning - if you can effect change in something to the positive in your neighborhood - then by all means do that. Don't worry about things that you cannot effect. This is simply fodder for those in power to distract and manipulate.

6) If you cannot be genuinely nice and helpful to someone - just walk away from the situation. Do not fake nice. Do not fake caring. More people than you think can detect a disingenuous person.

7) Stand up for what you believe but do it with facts and do it with respect. Name calling is playground behavior that should have been stopped years ago.

8) Protect what is yours by being wise about the information you share. I post things here that I often shouldn't. Not because I am speaking with ill will - but because what I share is permanent and is sometime too revealing. It's a different world.

I am going to work on being more positive in 2017. I am not a super negative person but I do sometimes let my practicality get the best of me.

Be nice. Be smart. Be human.