Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's 2015 ? Asks the guy who's almost a month behind

Happy belated New Year. The Internet has not beckoned as much as usual in the past couple of months due to household remodeling / repair tasks.

What's on tap for 2015 for Bryonman? Probably a few running races, lots of biking (both mountain and road) and hopefully many hours in the pool at one of our local gyms. I need to get back to my Yoga routine, but time has been short as of late.

I swore off New Year's "resolutions" years ago. I do hope to amass at least as much training or more than I did in 2014.

Life in the "post obsession" era of my Ironman journey has been pleasing. I still remember every bit of that journey and it is still way up my list of important things to cherish.

Thinking about doing an Ironman or even a short triathlon in your area? Post a comment and let me know where. Perhaps we can trade advice.

If you are NOT tracking your workouts - and you want to get into triathlon - you should start by getting in the habit of tracking your training. It's fun and informative.