Monday, September 22, 2014

A vacation can add perspective

Last week, we visited the following cities in Kentucky - where possible - I have also listed their population.

Hopkinsville - 31,577
Elkton - 1,984
Russellville - 6,947
Auburn - 1,444
South Union Shaker Village
Bowling Green - 60,600
Glasgow - 14,028
Edmonton- 1,586
Columbia - 4,452
Russell Springs - 2,400
Junction City - 2,241
Danville - 16,218
Harrodsburg - 8,340
Springfield - 2,519
Perryville - 751
Bardstown - 11,700
Cecelia - part of Elizabethtown
Big Clifty -
Clarkson - 794
Leitchfield - 6,699
Beaver Dam - 3,515

Many of these towns are only two or three hours away from where we live / grew up but we've never visited.

What a beautiful area! We had fun looking around and learning about a history that is much closer to where we originate.

There are two things I have learned in the last couple of weeks.


An organized set of political "standards" will not work in our current country's set up. Since we are MUCH less United than the forefathers designed, our two party system is doomed to fail. The "failure evidence" has been in front of us for years now. I am now resigned, even more than before, to abstain from political conversation as much as possible. It's a waste of time. People fiercely aligned with either political party are usually filled with either short-sighted hatred, personal slanderous attacks, disrespect and a convenient omission of the FULL meaning of morals, laws and the general concept of human-equitable relationships.

What brought this on? We did a walking tour of the Civil War battlefield at Perryville, KY. Look it up. It is fascinating and like it or not it is part of our 'not that distant' history. It was amazing, sad, inspiring and gut-wrenching all at the same time.  I have family members that fought in the Civil War as do most of us here in America. I could not help but think of them during this tour. Not only were these folks tough, but they were dedicated to their cause. (In my family's case, it is highly likely that they just liked shooting guns and rough-housing.)

Either way, these were all folks that were fighting for a cause. The confederacy was fighting to retain their way of life. Although I can't fathom how one human can think it is their "right" to own another human I can see these folks panicking when they think about maintaining thousands of acres of farmland without the help. The union was fighting to disband slave ownership and to curb the 'control' of agriculture production that the southern states created.

So here's my point - less than 100 years after our country became official, we broke our bond and became "divided" and we've never really been "united" since. Until we get re-united our political system will be stagnant and ineffective.


Some triathlon training is better than NO triathlon training.

We biked over to Murray, grabbed a burrito and cycled back home. It was not a speed event, but it was a fun safe 40 mile journey. The good news is we made it and we have no ill effects from the trip.

It's time to get back to it.

Let's get re-united as a country and stop being hateful and disrespectful. It doesn't do anyone any good to be snippy and short-sighted. No one is going to take your guns away. No one likes to "kill babies". You need to work to earn money - it's not fair to expect hand outs if you are capable of working.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lost Loon Triathlon - Nashville, TN

This is a fun and family oriented event. It is chocked full of costumes, singing, and fun-loving outdoorsy types.

This was also the site of my first ever multisport event back in 2010.

It was fun coming back after all the training and racing I've done since. I remember the bike was fairly easy for me back in 2010 - but I still worked up quite a sweat. This time the bike was laid back and enjoyable - even with all the beginners and congestion on the course. I remember the canoe portion of tow 2010 event making my heart feel like it was going to leap out of my mouth and swim back to shore. It was vastly different this year. I am no longer scared of the water AND we've been through 3 months of rowing courses. We cruised that portion - passing several canoes and taking it easy. It was fun. Carrie and I did the run together, so we briskly walked it to protect her knee.

Good times. Fun event. All the proceeds go to the Long Hunter State Park. It is a nice park and not too far from downtown Nashville.

Rumors of a 200 mile bike day for Bryonman have started to swirl. It may happen this fall. Stay tuned.