Friday, March 14, 2014

Foot issues resolved?

For you two that read my stuff - you may remember me whining at times about my feet. Especially my right foot. The dull pain was always on the ball of my foot. The foot doctor once told me it was sesamoiditis. While I believe that is the result of the issue, I was forever in search of the fix. I am a problem solver by nature. On this one, I was neither fast or efficient but I think I may have gotten on track to correct the issue(s).

Let me describe the issue: It feels like a giant blister is appearing during both the bike and the run. I've had real "hot spots" before and this sesamoid stuff feels just like that. Yes, my right big toe is not as limber as it once was - and is drastically less limber than my left big toe. During the process, I did get some relief from yoga. I have tried different shoes, different socks, no socks, extra socks, tape, chamois butter, time off from running, extra time running, sprints, slow jogs, metatarsal pads (which do help some), rigorous foam rolling and most recently ultrasound therapy (which helped quite a bit too).

About two weeks back I read an article somewhere about this issue and the author recommended a simple solution to my 2+ year dilemma.

"Your shoes could be tied too tight. Loosen them up, put some lube on the balls of your feet, wear thin socks and run pain-free."

I've run four or five times and ridden quite a bit since the adjustment. So far, that seems to have been my problem.

Still learning!


Bartlett Lake Olympic on Sunday. I completed this course as my first ever Olympic. That was back in the fall of 2011. I was much younger then and had much lower miles - but I am hoping the 2+ years of racing since then will factor into some improvement.

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