Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Grand Canyon Excursion for 2014

He's back.

He never really left.

On February 1st, we headed down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. This was roughly our 15th or 16th trip to the bottom. It really doesn't get old. In fact, this year I learned and saw more new things than I have in previous trips.

On day one the crew headed down the Bright Angel trail. It's a ten mile walk. At mile 1.5, I shed my pack and ran back up the hill to check on one of our more leisurely hikers. He was doing fine, but I inherited most of his gear and food to lighten his pack. Just above Indian Gardens, Carrie released me from the pack so that I could go check the group in at Phantom. Her challenge was for me to get to Phantom and get back to them before they got to Indian Gardens. She's funny. I had to explain the distances.

I did make it 3 miles back up the Bright Angel from Phantom Ranch on my return trip to shuttle packs. I would walk / run back and forth checking on hikers. I turned the 10 mile walk into 19 miles. That was fun. My feet were beat down ... but as a show of respect to my Nike's from IMAZ ... I wore them to the bottom of the canyon. They are likely ready to be retired.

We walked around the bottom of the canyon on the off day. I think we did about six miles of walking that day. We were just exploring.

This year I hiked more leisurely than ever coming out of the canyon. I hung back with the Borg crew + CareBear and we talked the whole way up. It is a much different hike doing the Kaibab in five or six hours rather than three.

If you've never been to the Grand Canyon - you should maybe consider a trip.

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