Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A multisport of a different sort - fun stuff

Most of my two readers will be like "Who cares?".

Sunday afternoon I was shoveling gravel. I think I moved about 8 or 9 wheelbarrows full ... then immediately dropped the wheelbarrow, changed into my running shoes and hit the trail for a quick 4 mile run. Surprisingly, my transition from wheelbarrow to run was fairly quick and I ran about as well as I ever have on my local trail running loop.

When I got back home, I changed clothes and began mopping the kitchen floor. I guess that was another transition. While I was at it, I vacuumed the carpets too.

So I have now done the landscape, run, floor cleaning event.

What's the point? Being fit provides me with so much more ability to accomplish tasks that I really enjoy it. I am finding that accomplishing tasks is one of my main drivers in life. I may as well take advantage.


  1. really? Is that what this has come down to?? You need help brother!

  2. The first step is having someone point out the issue. Is that how it goes?

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