Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A multisport of a different sort - fun stuff

Most of my two readers will be like "Who cares?".

Sunday afternoon I was shoveling gravel. I think I moved about 8 or 9 wheelbarrows full ... then immediately dropped the wheelbarrow, changed into my running shoes and hit the trail for a quick 4 mile run. Surprisingly, my transition from wheelbarrow to run was fairly quick and I ran about as well as I ever have on my local trail running loop.

When I got back home, I changed clothes and began mopping the kitchen floor. I guess that was another transition. While I was at it, I vacuumed the carpets too.

So I have now done the landscape, run, floor cleaning event.

What's the point? Being fit provides me with so much more ability to accomplish tasks that I really enjoy it. I am finding that accomplishing tasks is one of my main drivers in life. I may as well take advantage.