Friday, November 8, 2013

Glass blowing

How about that for a blog post title?

So I took my first rest week in over two years last week. I genuinely did ZERO cardio-based training. I lifted weights and went for a couple of walks. I am easing back into things this week. I am trying to get my feet and calves a chance to forgive me before I start destroying them again. :-)

So yeah. We took a glass blowing class on Wednesday evening. I love learning. I am happiest when I am learning. Glass blowing is heavy science mixed with art. It has fire, suggestive terminology, danger and suspense. It might be a perfect hobby. Carrie made a couple of pumpkins and I made a pumpkin and a flower.

Circle 6 Studios! A great place.

Visit their web site -

Super geek!

Happy Movember!

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