Monday, October 28, 2013

City of Mesa Olympic Tri

The Olympic distance is still stacked against me. I put it out there as best I could and finished 3rd in my age group. Truth is, without a fairly fast bike leg ... I would have been out of the medals.

Pre-race, I was focused. I chatted with some folks I hadn't seen in about a year or so. They all thought I had moved away. Funny. I got there pretty early, but transition was already crowded, so I did not like my rack position. Oh well.

The swim. It was about 1700 meters of swimming mixed with 100 meters of running. I started out pretty well. The first 400m went 9 minutes. I did 800 in 19 minutes. Yeah, that is slow, but it was crowded and I am me. Now that I think about it, I guess I stayed pretty consistent - just slow. 40 minutes for the 1700m + 100 meters of running back and hopping into the pool four times. My friend Scott had a PR in the swim with a 30:25 for the same 1700 meters. He was finished when I was at 1200 meters. Sheesh. I was 40th out of 50 in the swim. Typical.

The transitions plus the bike. I say this because these races always put the transitions on to the bike time. My water to bike transition was shaky at best. It was my first triathlon since Thanksgiving of last year, so I hadn't done this transition in a while. As a true newbie who had already gone really slow getting ready ... I forgot my helmet. So I had to run myself and the bike back from the start line to fetch the helmet and then run back. I lost some time there. Conversely, I felt surprisingly strong on the bike the entire 24 miles. I actually did the 24 in 1:04:20. That's about a 22.5 mile per hour average on a course that appears "flat" but it is annoying. It has about 420 feet of climbing in the 24 miles. Not flat. Not challenging, just not flat. I cooled the engines on lap 6 to rest up a bit for the run. The bike to run transistion was not as bad, but I did fumble a bit with my laces. Total bike time with both transitions 1:09. I was 8th out of 50 on the bike.

I've run a bunch this year. I have not raced much. Racing shape is different than fitness shape. There's something about adrenaline management there that I'd like to study. I literally felt sluggish until mile 5 of the run. Then my legs perked up. It was hot (91), but I was hammering the salt tablets and keeping hydrated. I am good with managing the system while competing. I ran a 52 minute 10K. I was 23rd out of 50 on the run and 23rd out of 50 overall. That's an 8:19 pace. The last mile was a 7 something pace. It was odd. I was ready for another 6 miles. Proof that it really is all about the run?

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