Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bartlett Lake Olympic -

The race is postponed until October 20th.


The government "shutdown" closed the National Forest ... which is where the race is located.

What good is this shutdown doing anyone? Really?

I am not downplaying the importance of the health care legislation - but is it worth sending the country back into a recession by shutting things down? There has to be a better way. Stop being greedy. Stop being big babies. Woman/Man up and do your jobs congress. Apply some damn logic. Listen to your constituents that make sense. Throw out of the opinions of the whack jobs at the extremes of the bell curve and do what's logical and right for the majority. Throw out the opinion of the giant lobby that is called "insurance" - which generally speaking is the cause of all this crap anyway. This posturing crap just hurts the good people that are trying to make an honest life and stay out of people's business.

I generally do NOT talk politics ... but if I hear one more jerk face comment from either faction I may just have to speak my mind. If you are picking sides in this "battle" then my fear is that you too have it all wrong. Neither side is correct. The real solutions are available. Smarter people than me KNOW what needs to be done. Get them in place and put their ideas into action.