Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's official. Rowing is a workout.

So we are still VERY remedial crew members but I can already tell that this sport is a heck of a workout. It's both mentally and physically a challenge. It reminds me a lot of swimming. Not from the physical part. It's the mental part that makes me work extra hard. Even bits of the terminology are similar. There is a catch in rowing just like in swimming. Last night was our second night on the water and it was much better than the first night.

Speaking of swimming, I had a really good swim (for me) on Monday morning. I managed to eek out 1.85 miles in 56 minutes. Last year, that same distance took me about 1:08 in the same pool.

Last week was a very strong week of training. I had more time on the bike than I have had all year. It is hilarious to think that I might be faster in the shorter distances than ever before. It goes to show how unique and specific it is to train for 112+ miles on the bike versus a normal 25 - 30 miler.

Bartlett Lake Olympic is a little over two weeks away. I did this race in 2011. It was my first Olympic distance race. I have still only done one other Olympic (Marquee - 2hr. 36m). Bartlett is a whale of a course with 12 of the 24 miles on the bike being well over 6% grade and over 2 miles of the run being over 8% uphill.

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