Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So Bryonman, how's the training going?

Oh yeah. I forgot this was initally a training blog. Recently it has become a life blog. As I deal with random and senseless B.S. at work I use this as an outlet for my frustration. Believe me, I have spared my good audience with a ton of baggage on the work front in 2013. I know that everyone has the same issues or similar ones ... so why air redundant grievances?

Training is going quite well. I am still improving on all three disciplines. I've made MARKED improvement in my running and cycling in 2013. The time away from racing has allowed me to get smarter about getting stronger and faster.

I have a marginally busy fall with a few big races. Granted, I purposely do not have a schedule anything like 2011 or 2012.

In 2012 I ran about 800 miles - total. In 6 months of 2013 I ran 800 miles. I am already over 900 miles for the year. What I love the most is that the same run paths that worked me over last fall are not nearly as tough this year. I owe so much to my durability. I just keep on going. I suppose I am being smart about recovery ... but I know a ton of smart runners that have injuries stacked against them. I do not take this for granted.

Running is my favorite and I suppose it always was ... but I am still at my best on the bike. Riding on the streets has not been my theme this year. There's just too much risk involved with not riding on a closed and controlled course. Plus, it is a mental victory to sit on that spin bike for hours and keep the RPMs above 90 and the wattage over 200. Endurance is 90% mental and 90% fuel. I typed what I wanted there.

I swam last night and swam well. I felt like I had speed and power - which is rare for me. I am still a turtle compared to the speed demons but if I needed to swim for my life I have that capability now.

The Pikes Peak Ascent 2013 is August 17th. Only 20,000 or so people have ever finished that course. It could be that this winds up as my crowning event in endurance related activities. It is 8000 feet of elevation gain in 13.5 miles. It starts at 6000 feet of altitude and goes to 14,200 feet. I've trained all year for it. I have about 10 more training days to prepare before I back off and rest up.

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