Monday, July 1, 2013

New month: New goals: Welcome to July

I've done a decent job of balancing my endurance life with the remainder of life throughout 2013. I have still managed to keep my fitness levels where they were and even get a bit better in most cases. Now it is time for some new goals as I head into the rest of 2013.

1) Eat more "whole" foods. The nutrient difference is obvious when I eat like humans are supposed to eat.

2) Get more swimming in. I have been swimming, but there needs to be more. Those swim sessions need to be drill oriented rather than straight swims.

3) Hydrate smarter. Timing is everthing.

4) Take the run to the next next level. I said next twice. I have already achieved a new level this year. There's more to be achieved.

With coffee gone from my diet I should start seeing things level out as far as acidity. I will probably start supplementing some B-12 tablets to keep the energy levels higher.

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