Thursday, June 6, 2013

112 degrees of dehydration

It's that time of year in Phoenix where people retreat indoors.

Squids galore taking up space at the gym. Even my friend Sharky has noticed the shift.

So I am taking it to the streets. Fight the crowds at the gym by being a real Ironman and training in and through the 110 plus heat. Couple that rebellion with a 21 day old beard and you have a recipe for sweat.

I know I am always complaining about the gym. I really should be more supportive. It's just frustrating to see people taking up space that could be utilized for those of us who are serious about the workout and not the socio-politico scuttle/regurgitation.

For example: There's this lady that is always on the elliptical machine moving at a dainty snail's pace watching whatever it is on the TV. Last week, they were upgrading the TVs at the gym. She literally threw a screaming fit at the manager about the TV's being gone during the install. I guess it shows where the priorities lie.

Here's the deal: Being fit means whatever it means to you. If you do not like the elliptical machine at the gym then find some other way to get and stay fit. It can be any activity coupled with a smart and maintainable diet. It really is about the diet. The fitness routine is not going to make you trim alone. The fitness routine is about your body system and not your pant size. The pant size is controlled by what you put in to your body as fuel.

So do us fitness fanatics a favor; If you are not really utilizing the equipment at the gym, cancel your membership, find some neighbors that share your political views and go walk around your neighborhood in the evening. Just don't start picking on the other neighbors or putting out door hangers proclaiming your opinionated greatness.

Happy June!

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