Thursday, May 2, 2013

One year ago ... already?

Ironman St. George was one year ago this weekend!

The past year has been a blur in some respects and a slow-motion, multi-colored dream in other ways. Perhaps that is dehydration or lack of nutrients ... I'm not sure. What I am quite certain of is that I am motivated, fortunate and ready for most any challenge. I sort of like that.

As far as physical health; one year later I can honestly say I am better off now that I was last May. I am the same exact weight as I was going in to last year's race. I am not nearly as sore and over-trained. I am a much better runner than I was at this point last year. My cycling is as strong as it was even though I am not out doing 100 milers every weekend.

As far as mental health; it's a no brainer ... I am nowhere near as crazed and dazed as last year. In fact, most of the time what little brain I have functions very well.

There's much to do on the house. We are moving on to some of the outdoor projects. We have painting, maintenance and landscaping projects to do.

There's always something for which to train. I like that. My main focus right now is getting Carrie back to running. The Havasu 70.3 is in November and we've made great progress with her knees over the past 6 months or so. Before Havasu there's the Pike's Peak Ascent weekend on August 17th. I've been running uphill most of the year and that will remain the same. I will come in to that run both lighter and stronger than ever before. I look forward to it.


  1. IMSG! what a day we had
    I am really missing not being there this year. I have been addicted to searching twitter for photos over the last two days ...looks awesome I think I might do that half next year.
    but no Veyo wall :(

    two weeks to IMTX!! (and its still winter here it snowed today) are you on twitter?

  2. No twitter for this guy. I'd get myself in trouble.

    I'm glad you stopped by DRog. I'll be cheering you on at IMTX. That looks like a fun course.

    Yeah -- I've ridden a fair amount of that route at IMSG. It's faster than the full iron route - because of better pavement. It probably has a little more up on it on a per capita basis.