Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Inspired Motion

Embrace it! The ability to love, live, breathe, eat and train.

Yesterday was a good day. Over an hour of uphill running ... over an hour on the spin bike ... over an hour of yoga. All good things.

Today will be a good day.

They are all good days if you have your priorities right. Sure, there are sad moments. Every great baseball player in history went through a batting slump in his career. It's a matter of refocusing. A slump brings on a chance to change. Do something different and you will benefit.

I know this sounds like "puppy dogs and rainbows" type stuff. I could sit and grumble most of the time. There's no doubt I'd have a ton of material about which to complain.

The title of this blog post is inspired motion. What was I really thinking when I typed that?

I guess I am aiming this at people that need inspiration. Those people that are languishing through life consumed by the overall lack of humanity around them. Negativity breeds negativity. Natural human motion brings inspiration. It's hard to be angry after a nice hike through a pine forest. Even if you are training but you do very similar workouts each week you will benefit from a change. Go out and get some inspired motion. Today: Do the thing that you find the most physically challenging. Why? 1) It will improve your overall confidence. 2) If it is difficult your body craves it (within reason).

Go, do, be.

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