Friday, May 24, 2013

Digging in the desert soil

Fun times this week! It's all good in the grand scheme of things though.

Wednesday morning the shower woke us at 3 am. How? It was gurgling and spewing sewage out of the drain. Yummy, right? It is what it is. Stuff happens. It is a bit frustrating at times.

My first step was to wait on Home Depot to open so that I could get a longer pipe snake. I did that. There is no ground-level clean-out on our house so I donned my red suit and hopped on my roof with a bag of coiled wire.

Having bought a snake 50 feet in length I thought I could get some of the gunk out of the system. I worked and worked this wire down the vent tube until I hit something I could not work past. It was clogged about 30 feet into the back yard under 4 feet of dirt and tree roots galore.

After the city shirked any help or responsibility, the plumbers showed up quickly. I was impressed by that. They confirmed what I already knew. There was a clog about 30 feet into the back yard and it was a full clog. There are roots in the pipe. Those fiberoptic cameras they use are fun! We all decided that it was best if we installed a couple of clean-outs for the house. One clean-out to go into and under the foundation and another to go out to the city main sewer.

Wednesday evening Carrie and I dug. We dug a gash (8 feet long, 2 feet wide and 4 feet deep) in the back yard looking for the EXACT location of the pipe. We had a general idea but not an exact one. Four hours and two pickup truck loads of dirt later ... still no sign of the main.

On Thursday afternoon the digging resumed. The plumbers re-located the line. We were about 12 inches to the left of where the line ran with our original hole. A new hole was started and the pipe was finally found at about 7pm that evening.

Aside from work, teaching class, some impromptu shovel operation, two strong running workouts, a spin workout, a swimming workout and some weightlifting it's been a pretty slow week. :-)

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