Monday, May 20, 2013

Different activities expand the knowledgebase

So we just spent 3 days at Reevis Mountain with Peter Bigfoot. Bigfoot is probably most famous for his 15 day summertime trek across the Sonoran desert without food or water. Now, at 71, I think he could probably still do the same walk today.

We spent the weekend learning about his lifestyle, off-grid living, some herbal remedies and his theories on life in general. He and his wife Patricia are very down-to-earth and thoughtful. Peter was off-grid and self-sufficient before it was a buzzword of Ted Talks. Truthfully, his way of life reminds me of the way my Grandpa Virgil lived up through the early 1990s. While Grandpa's house DID have running water and electricity; he refused to use it. He kept chickens, hogs and had a garden until he wasn't capabable.

When did we get so "soft" as a species? Did it start with the spoils brought on in the post World War II era? Was it in the 60s? I could blame disco and the 70s, but that's too cliche'. Was it the 80s? I guess it doesn't matter when it started. It's just nice for me to know that I am getting back in touch with not only my upbringing but also the real human race.

After a 50-mile running week in the previous week; I did the wise thing and took a rest week. Any ailments I had are now in the rearview ... and I am ready to continue the upward slope :-).

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