Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Training Haps ... The day I should have stayed home

I left for a trail run around 6am on Sunday morning. The goal was a 2 hour run with as much incline as I could handle.

Right out of the driveway I knew I should have stayed in the bed. I ocassionally have one of these adventures but Sunday tops them all. It was a true test of my mental fortitude. It was one of those days that the old Bryan would have called for a rescue chopper. Keep reading.

The run to get to the trail system is about a half a mile and goes up about 150 feet, so it's not flat but not a giant incline either. It's enough to get your attention. I have run up this hill about 30 times since September of 2012. I started feeling a little better as I got out on to the trail and proceeded to set a couple of PRs on some segments of the trail. "Okay, now we are ready to rock", I said aloud because no one was around.

I stopped of at the bathroom at Dreamy Draw and forgot to restart my Garmin. I was mad. That irritates me when I do that. I should just let it run. I think I will from now on.

I ran up a nice steep section of trail that was short. Maybe a quarter mile. That felt good. I wanted to get more elevation. I headed up a new section of trail that I haven't used yet. Then, I found a little used off-shoot that had some fresh footprints on it. It looked long and steep. I was all in.

Well. That was the beginning of the adventure. Yes, there were footprints which in my mind makes it a trail. Carrie pointed this out to me. "So because two other idiots like you have gone up this ravine, then it qualifies as a trail?" I love my wife. She makes me laugh. She's right. This isn't a trail. It's a drainage with some footprints. 8 tenths of a mile and 1200 feet of elevation later I stood atop a knife edge. The "way down" was just as steep as the way up. I carefully slogged my way through cactus, brittlebush and scree while keeping tabs on those infamous footprints.

Then the pain sat in. My stomach swelled and felt like it was about to explode. I hid off to the side of the trail and let it go. I still don't know why I hid. I was not on a trail and no one was around.

Two more episodes like that happened before I could get back to the house. That was the longest 7 miles of my life. Walking hurt, jogging hurt, all out running was not an option. Suffer fest for sure.

What did I learn?

1) If you cross train by digging holes and building things outside in the desert for 9 hours ... don't go out the next morning on a huge trail run and expect to be fresh.

2) Just do hill repeats on trails that have been used. Don't try and be a hero and get hurt or killed doing something ignorant.

-------- Follow Up -------------

I ran a mile the following day and felt fine even though eating was still not too appealing.

On Tuesday at lunch I had one of the coolest workouts I've had in a while. 6.6 miles and 320 floors on the StairMaster in one hour. I guess I'm going to be okay.

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