Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GardenPool.org - Bryonman volunteering?

Causes. Missions. Humanitarianism.

A cause is a cause and somebody out there spends a ton of time on a cause that garners any attention.

This cause appeals to me. GardenPool.org.

The GP (short for Garden Pool) was a one of a kind creation invented by Dennis McClung in October of 2009. It is truly a miniature self-sufficient ecosystem. Rather than keeping our creation to ourselves, we have decided to share it with others. Garden Pools are being built all over the world offering an easy and sustainable solution to current food production challenges.

Garden Pool is dedicated to research and education of sustainable ways to grow food. Our mission as a non-profit is to develop better ways to grow food and help others do the same. Our operations are based in Mesa, Arizona at the home of the original Garden Pool.

Carrie and I have spent 18 hours of the past two Saturdays volunteering at Garden Pool builds. We've worked side-by-side with Dennis and his wife Danielle. These two are WORKERS. They are also TEACHERS.

Now that I care about what I consume in my diet - the potential of growing my own food is something for me to persue.

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