Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2013 -- three months in review.

2013 has been a pretty cool year so far.

I am definitely not as training obsessed as I was a year ago right now. That said, I am probably more equipped, both physically and mentally, to handle Ironman today. Part of that is because I have now been there. Experience does matter in endurance sports. The other part is that I am figuring out how to temper my ambitious training schedule with more intense and less frequent work ... which gives me time to rest between efforts.

I've been focused on trail running and hiking for 2013. I've already gained over 50,000 feet of vertical on my training runs in 2013. I have run a little over 400 miles this year. This math tells me that my average mile has 125 feet of elevation gain. This is about a 6% grade on average ... and well above any run training I did in 2012. These are intense runs ranging from 5 to 13 miles depending on the amount of time I have to complete them. For my genetics, run fitness is unparalleled when it comes to cardiovascular training. As I run with more strength my bike and swim output rises. At the end of the year last year I was focused more on cycling and my run suffered.

More remarkable to me than anything is my durability. Sure I get sore. Sure I have inflexible hips. These are par for the course. The only real issue that I can say that "nags" me are my feet. I switched from a heel striker to a toe striker. This happened in my attempt to be a mid-foot striker. I battle with sesamoiditis from time-to-time. Yes, I have tried many types of insoles. Yes, I have tried many types of shoes. I'm working on it.

In January and February we walked. It was like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. We walked for hours and hours. This was by design. We were preparing for the 6-day Grand Canyon adventure. It was a tremendous success. Roughly 70 miles in 6 days ... most of which were with a 30 pound pack.

I did race the Desert Classic Duathlon on March 3rd and did pretty well. I didn't scorch the second of the two runs like I had planned, but my first run and bike were solid.

We've also worked on the house quite a bit during the cooler days. As summer approaches - it is time to move life more indoors.

I feel relaxed and comfortable with myself for the first time in perhaps my entire life.

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