Monday, April 29, 2013

A little break - had to fight the urge to blog

So we were in Kentucky for two weeks. Carrie's uncle has cancer. It is bad. We wanted to spend as much time with him as we could. Luckily her job allows remote work by default. I had to get my two weeks approved from my employer but they did allow it. We worked the whole time while still having time to visit.

I am glad to have that luxury. I am glad to have so many things.

I found myself longing to blog. Am I weird? Is this so much a part of me that I MUST do it? I guess it is digital therapy. Who knows.



We used to live in Houston. I have never been to West, TX. I have been on the western side of Texas. My heart goes out to this town that is still dealing with this major explosion. It is a terrible thing that happened and we, as a country, need to care MORE for these people and this situation than any of the terrorist news and happenings. If you want to show you are an American, donate your time and efforts to helping this town heal.


I have to weigh in on the Boston Marathon situation. Several friends of ours were in Boston and one friend was REALLY close to the carnage. This act of cowardice is absurd. To me it matters not the religion, race, socioeconomic status, or color of these assholes.

What matters to me is:

1) That we no longer respond to this type of situation with jubilation in the streets when the perpetrators are captured. This over-celebratory reaction illustrates why these radicals try and damage our country. We've fought off much larger enemies ... let's act like we've been there before.

2) That we help these people that are injured. As an endurance junky ... my heart and soul goes out to any of the injured that are runners. I cannot imagine.

3) That our country becomes a single well-oiled machine without a hint of any division. We are seen as a weakened entity the world over due to our political polarization. Until we fix this we are destined to suffer attacks like these and WORSE.

4) That we not play the "if" and "I woulda" game. No one was going to prevent this attack. Sure, the FBI interviewed this person but one of the reasons we love this country is the freedoms that our constitution allows. These people are clever. There wasn't enough evidence to detain him. Looking back and pointing fingers only insults the bombing victims. Stop it.

This whole situation is awful. I despise people that allow themselves to hurt others in the name of some ideology that has ZERO validity in the real human world.


Training -

Yeah, I had two 30-mile running weeks while we were in Kentucky. I dealt with some hotspots on a few runs and then I figured out that my shoes were causing the problem. I originally thought it was the insoles. I switched to my NB trail runners and my feet recovered after two runs.

I ran a 1:45 13.2 while I was in Kentucky. I controlled the run. It was a confidence builder. I wish I'd had time to run the full 26.2 that day. I think I could have maintained the same pace through the whole marathon. Someday soon I will get a chance to see what I can do in the full 26.2 WITHOUT swimming 2.4 and biking 112 first.

Running is my favorite but now that we are back in town I get to ride and swim again. I actually started missing swimming last week. I never ever thought I would type that.


  1. I figured you weren't in Boston, but I checked on here to make sure that wasn't the case anyway.

    I'll do some extra swimming for you here in the Virgin Islands.

  2. Yeah - the giant events don't really appeal too me. 40000 runners and 80000 ear buds does not a marathon make.

    Thanks for the check-in at any rate.

    Off shore banking for the Bakers? Good move.