Monday, March 18, 2013

What happened to respect?

I am becoming "Grumpy Old Man".

In an age of "I'll do whatever I want to do." I should not be surprised that respect and common decency are falling by the wayside.

It happens at the office. It happens at the grocery store. It happens in traffic (and this one costs some people their lives).

Here's my issue. If we don't get this poor attitude toward one another in check we will be doomed to ultimately live in chaos and anarchy. Sadly, I believe there are some folks in our country / world that WANT this to happen. I find it hard to believe that it is the basis of the human condition to be 100% egocentric.

I still care about the plight of my fellow humans. This statement comes from one of the most self-absorbed people that I know ... me.

This is not to suggest that a person cannot fall out of my good graces ... but it takes quite a bit for this to occur. I've met far too many people in this life to make the assumption that we are evil by default.

What I don't like to see is a person that has fallen prey to this attitude and it is obvious that their regurgitated views cause a bunch of internal conflict. Internal conflict within a person CAUSES major problems for that person (both mentally and physically). It also causes major problems for the people around that person.

It is easier to respect people that have certain careers. I've not done an actual survey, but I suspect people find it much easier to respect police officers and firefighters than say their garbage collector. My question is why? Who cares what the profession is ... why can't we just be respectful?

Diving down an additional level, how do you behave in your online world? Do you make hateful remarks on discussion boards because of your anonymity? If you do I think this is a modern form of pure cowardice. Try this: If you would not say what you are typing in front of your mom or grandma -- you better not hit the enter key on that comment.

So do yourself a huge favor; try and add some respect back to your "eExistence".

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