Monday, March 25, 2013

Pick a hill and run up it

Let's pretend it's a metaphor for life. Better yet, let's pretend it's a prompting to take on challenges life presents.

I went out and picked a hill to run up yesterday.

As a matter of fact I planned on running up it twice. I added one to grow on. Three times up this "trail" that averages a 19.6 % grade for 0.4 miles. There are portions of this little gem that go 33% grade. Basically 1400 feet of vertical in under 2 miles. I guess Pike's Peak training officially started last week.

There is sort of a trail there but I think only a few folks make it up there compared to the hundreds that hike the connecting trail below.

After the third repeat I headed over to a section of trail of which I am vastly more familiar. I did some good speed work on another section. One thing I find interesting about Strava is the "grade adjusted pace" feature. It's funny to watch power ebb and flow during effort.

Next week ... I'll repeat it four or six times.

Here's the output from the run. Coming down this "gully" is a little more challenging than going up in places.


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