Monday, March 4, 2013

Celebrating two years of multi-sport. Is "racing" over?

The Desert Classic Duathlon. I have competed in this race three times - 2011, 2012 & yesterday. This is a tough course that always brings only the toughest competition. This year the numbers were down but the racers were out in force. This was my first race in the 40-44 age group. I was probably the youngest guy in that group.

During pre-race I felt okay. Not great. Just okay.

At the gun I felt pretty good except for the fact that I had no Garmin to start. I left it at home. It didn't matter. I just decided to try and pace Christian Bailey until I could not keep up. I know about where he is (faster) and where I tend to be as far as pace. It worked. I settled in pretty well on the first trail run. 3.9 miles in 29:28. Roughly a 7:35 pace. This run course is deceiving. It has lots of up on it. I felt pretty good after the first run. I am glad I didn't have my Garmin. I would have been thrown off by the extra .4 miles.

Transition #1 was slow. Still don't know how it took me 1:42 to get to the bike. Whatever.

I have not been training the bike TOO much since November. I truthfully expected the bike to be my worst effort of the day. It was not. I guess I can just bike. The course was not 24 miles ... but 26.5. It has about 1000 feet of climbing - so it's not flat. I rode pretty well. In typical Bryonman-fashion I actually started feeling strong at mile 19 or so. Bike time 1:17:00 - or about 20.5 miles per hour. I am pleased with that output considering I have been on the bike FAR less than last year.

Transistion #2 was slow - but better. :52 seconds.

Begin run #2. It is the exact same as run #1 - except you have to add about a quarter mile to run from transition to the start line. So we are looking at a 4+ mile run with plenty of annoying up on it. I was toast! Quads fried. Calves fried. Stomach angry. I kept going. No walking for this chump. 4 miles - 37:35 or about a 9:25 mile pace. TOASTED!

Total time: 2:26:45.5

6th of 13 in the Age Group.

45th of 95 finishers.

I gave everything I had. I felt worse after this race than I did after either Ironman. I haven't felt this bad after a race since the half marathon I ran last January.

The question remains. Is it worth it? Racing, I mean. Sure, I love to compete. Sure, I am decent at it. But even for this short event I trained quite a bit and spent the whole weekend doing it.

I think 2011 / 2012 may have burned me out a bit.

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