Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy SchNewBalance

I wasn't wearing Nikes today so it didn't feel appropriate to title it Holy Schnikes.

I figured out a SMALL thing that relates back to the bigger picture.

Cliche' warning:

Time doesn't stand still for anyone. Time flies when you are having fun. I call bunk on that noise!

While time doesn't stand still ... we all know that clocks and calendars are man-made concepts that have basically limited and paralyzed our abilities to live freely. So I am now going to do what I can to limit those concepts control over my LIFE.

Here's my new theory.

Time can stand still. It's a matter of what you are doing to make meaningful memories. Meaningful memories are persistent ... and they are always in the moment in which they occur. Even better ... you can use those memories however you choose. You can relate them to other moments in history ... to deal with your current "scheduling challenges" ... and to plan what you are going to accomplish in the future.

There it is. I just invented my own version of time travel.

I just use this blog to remind myself of what is truly important. Don't be limited by arbitrary constraints. Decide. Do. Live.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pick a hill and run up it

Let's pretend it's a metaphor for life. Better yet, let's pretend it's a prompting to take on challenges life presents.

I went out and picked a hill to run up yesterday.

As a matter of fact I planned on running up it twice. I added one to grow on. Three times up this "trail" that averages a 19.6 % grade for 0.4 miles. There are portions of this little gem that go 33% grade. Basically 1400 feet of vertical in under 2 miles. I guess Pike's Peak training officially started last week.

There is sort of a trail there but I think only a few folks make it up there compared to the hundreds that hike the connecting trail below.

After the third repeat I headed over to a section of trail of which I am vastly more familiar. I did some good speed work on another section. One thing I find interesting about Strava is the "grade adjusted pace" feature. It's funny to watch power ebb and flow during effort.

Next week ... I'll repeat it four or six times.

Here's the output from the run. Coming down this "gully" is a little more challenging than going up in places.


Thursday, March 21, 2013


You heard it here last.

Cardiobsession. Is it possible? I suppose so. I think I get such an endorphine high that it might not be a good idea for me to drive following a workout. DUI-Cardio.

I ran a 10K, biked 24 miles, swam 1500m and then walked 2.5 to cool the jets. That was just yesterday. Plus, I graded student papers AND worked a full eight hours. To think that some days I complain about not having enough time to do "X". Really what it boils down to is that some days are just better than others. Yesterday was a good day.

My friend Sharky is the only person reading this blog and he called me out today. "Your blog is turning into a rant." I could not read his comment due to the fact that I am happy that somebody is reading my drivel. What was it he typed in that email again? Something about him being obsessed with working out too -- I think.

Daily rant.

Don't RUDELY panhandle me in front of the grocery store at 7 in the morning. It might not end well for you.

That is all.

Monday, March 18, 2013

What happened to respect?

I am becoming "Grumpy Old Man".

In an age of "I'll do whatever I want to do." I should not be surprised that respect and common decency are falling by the wayside.

It happens at the office. It happens at the grocery store. It happens in traffic (and this one costs some people their lives).

Here's my issue. If we don't get this poor attitude toward one another in check we will be doomed to ultimately live in chaos and anarchy. Sadly, I believe there are some folks in our country / world that WANT this to happen. I find it hard to believe that it is the basis of the human condition to be 100% egocentric.

I still care about the plight of my fellow humans. This statement comes from one of the most self-absorbed people that I know ... me.

This is not to suggest that a person cannot fall out of my good graces ... but it takes quite a bit for this to occur. I've met far too many people in this life to make the assumption that we are evil by default.

What I don't like to see is a person that has fallen prey to this attitude and it is obvious that their regurgitated views cause a bunch of internal conflict. Internal conflict within a person CAUSES major problems for that person (both mentally and physically). It also causes major problems for the people around that person.

It is easier to respect people that have certain careers. I've not done an actual survey, but I suspect people find it much easier to respect police officers and firefighters than say their garbage collector. My question is why? Who cares what the profession is ... why can't we just be respectful?

Diving down an additional level, how do you behave in your online world? Do you make hateful remarks on discussion boards because of your anonymity? If you do I think this is a modern form of pure cowardice. Try this: If you would not say what you are typing in front of your mom or grandma -- you better not hit the enter key on that comment.

So do yourself a huge favor; try and add some respect back to your "eExistence".

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saulready Hot

We literally went from snow showers to 90 degree heat in a matter of 4 days.

Dear Weather,

It's March. Reality check please.



I complain too much.

I managed to get spoiled on the weather for a month or so. 65 during the day ... 35 at night. This is perfect for me. Why do I live in the desert?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Modesty Police - Providing wardrobe judgement for all.

I must be super-modest about some things.

In late 2012, I posted some things about basic gym etiquette.

So let me sum this up as best as I can - because I am sure this is MY issue rather than other people's problem to solve.

These "rules" are for NORMAL public life. Not a special event, a photo shoot or the bedroom.

For women:

Rule #1) There is a time for a two piece bikini: At the pool or the beach.

Rule #2) Shorts that ride UP your thighs and shirts that ride up your midsection are so time consuming that they generally aren't worth it. It annoys us with all the "fake" modesty attempts of tugging them back into where you THINK they should go. Seriously, to the outsider it looks like your clothes are running away from your smelly feet.

Rule #3) You have a back or oblique tattoo. We get it. Good job. When its 27 degrees outside and you wear a midriff to show of your art - it's sad. We can tell you are freezing. Why suffer?

Rule #4) Get a mirror.

Rule #5) Ask yourself this question: Would your dad want to see the teenage version of yourself leave on a date wearing those clothes? If the answer is yes, then obviously none of the rules here apply. You have your own set of issues without me judging you.

For men:

Rule #1) Was that shirt sleeveless when it left the store?

Rule #2) Speaking of shirt ... put one on. 99% of men should not go into public with their shirt off. I am included in that 99%. Save the proof of the "hair migration theory" for the beach or the pool.

Rule #3) You don't wear a size 32 waist in your jorts anymore. Quit it.

Rule #4) Get a mirror OR ask the significant other.

Rule #5) Flip flops are not everyday attire. Put those rhino toes away Barney Rubble.

"Oh Bryonman, this sounds like an envious rant." Trust me, that's not it.

"What brought this on?"

A spin session gone wild.

There is a lady in spin class that insists on the following:

1) Super-tight halter top.
2) Super-short underwear for bottoms.
3) Sets up her bike at the very front of the class.
4) Shadow-boxes during spin to draw attention.
5) Exits class before the end so that everyone can "watch her leave".

Is it too much to ask for folks to put on some clothes and go to the gym without being a douche nugget?

OH! -- While I am here: update --

Skinny jeans have to stop. I am yet to see anyone that looks better in skinny jeans than they do in regular cut jeans. It's not a flattering look.

Cover Up with This!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Celebrating two years of multi-sport. Is "racing" over?

The Desert Classic Duathlon. I have competed in this race three times - 2011, 2012 & yesterday. This is a tough course that always brings only the toughest competition. This year the numbers were down but the racers were out in force. This was my first race in the 40-44 age group. I was probably the youngest guy in that group.

During pre-race I felt okay. Not great. Just okay.

At the gun I felt pretty good except for the fact that I had no Garmin to start. I left it at home. It didn't matter. I just decided to try and pace Christian Bailey until I could not keep up. I know about where he is (faster) and where I tend to be as far as pace. It worked. I settled in pretty well on the first trail run. 3.9 miles in 29:28. Roughly a 7:35 pace. This run course is deceiving. It has lots of up on it. I felt pretty good after the first run. I am glad I didn't have my Garmin. I would have been thrown off by the extra .4 miles.

Transition #1 was slow. Still don't know how it took me 1:42 to get to the bike. Whatever.

I have not been training the bike TOO much since November. I truthfully expected the bike to be my worst effort of the day. It was not. I guess I can just bike. The course was not 24 miles ... but 26.5. It has about 1000 feet of climbing - so it's not flat. I rode pretty well. In typical Bryonman-fashion I actually started feeling strong at mile 19 or so. Bike time 1:17:00 - or about 20.5 miles per hour. I am pleased with that output considering I have been on the bike FAR less than last year.

Transistion #2 was slow - but better. :52 seconds.

Begin run #2. It is the exact same as run #1 - except you have to add about a quarter mile to run from transition to the start line. So we are looking at a 4+ mile run with plenty of annoying up on it. I was toast! Quads fried. Calves fried. Stomach angry. I kept going. No walking for this chump. 4 miles - 37:35 or about a 9:25 mile pace. TOASTED!

Total time: 2:26:45.5

6th of 13 in the Age Group.

45th of 95 finishers.

I gave everything I had. I felt worse after this race than I did after either Ironman. I haven't felt this bad after a race since the half marathon I ran last January.

The question remains. Is it worth it? Racing, I mean. Sure, I love to compete. Sure, I am decent at it. But even for this short event I trained quite a bit and spent the whole weekend doing it.

I think 2011 / 2012 may have burned me out a bit.