Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where did he go?

He's still here!

It has been a super-busy month or so. I've gotten better at prioritizing my time. Along with driving to and from Kentucky we've managed to hike / walk quite a bit, get Carrie her second round of PRP injections and begin the "finish" phase of the house remodel project. You know, those annoying little tasks that take a tremendous amount of time to complete.

When we finish off a few more tasks on the inside of the house we will start the exterior spruce up projects. We need to replace some facia boards and then paint the trim a little more pleasing color than is there now. We are also going to clean up and simplify the landscaping a bit.

I have been running. I am mostly working on 10K and 5K runs right now. Last week I started another phase of trail running. Having the correct shoes for trail running is key. I think I have stumbled on the right pair. I will report back in a few weeks to confirm my findings.

The weather in Arizona is awesome right now ... but I am almost completely alone in that opinion. Sure, it's chilly but that is relative. It was 27 degrees at 6:45am on Sunday when I started my run. It was strange running the same trails I ran back in August with an 85 degree temperature difference. I must admit that I have held off on the cycling because I do not like bundling up and riding outdoors. A) The layers are necessary - but become cumbersome. B) If you bundle up too much on your face and hands - it really becomes a safety issue.

Happy New Year!

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