Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Attic Gymnastics Classic 2013

So you want to add 4 or 5 inches to your insulation in your attic? Do ya? Are you sure?

It's totally worth it after the process is complete.

This was a fun but tiring project. It took us about 3 hours to add the extra insulation. I think we used 30 bags of the eco-friendly blown-in insulation. The machine came for free with the purchase of the product. This is actually a good deal.

I am nearly 6 feet tall. I weigh about 190. I do yoga. I lift weights. I do some cardiovascular workouts. This attic work is a challenge. 3 hours in a plastic hazmat suit in a mildly warm attic will dehydrate you fairly well.

The interesting parts were working with the hose to get it out to the edges of the house -- where the rafters are about 6 inches from the ceiling joists. I did more than one parallel-bar-like move and took way too many roofing nails to the top of my head. Carrie ran the hopper like a champ and we devised a good system to allow me to reposition things between rounds.

Atop of wearing our bright-white hazmat suits; we were both wearing bandanas over our face. It was like the band DEVO was robbing a train. Funny.

You will get dirty. Wear the suit.

The next morning we both noticed how consistent the temperature was throughout the house. Problem solved and we kept the budget in-tact to boot. Bring on the 115 degree days. We are ready. Well, we aren't ready, but the house should be more prepared this summer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where did he go?

He's still here!

It has been a super-busy month or so. I've gotten better at prioritizing my time. Along with driving to and from Kentucky we've managed to hike / walk quite a bit, get Carrie her second round of PRP injections and begin the "finish" phase of the house remodel project. You know, those annoying little tasks that take a tremendous amount of time to complete.

When we finish off a few more tasks on the inside of the house we will start the exterior spruce up projects. We need to replace some facia boards and then paint the trim a little more pleasing color than is there now. We are also going to clean up and simplify the landscaping a bit.

I have been running. I am mostly working on 10K and 5K runs right now. Last week I started another phase of trail running. Having the correct shoes for trail running is key. I think I have stumbled on the right pair. I will report back in a few weeks to confirm my findings.

The weather in Arizona is awesome right now ... but I am almost completely alone in that opinion. Sure, it's chilly but that is relative. It was 27 degrees at 6:45am on Sunday when I started my run. It was strange running the same trails I ran back in August with an 85 degree temperature difference. I must admit that I have held off on the cycling because I do not like bundling up and riding outdoors. A) The layers are necessary - but become cumbersome. B) If you bundle up too much on your face and hands - it really becomes a safety issue.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 - what does it mean to me?

Really? It's 2013.

I remember as a youngster that I used to calculate how old I would be in the year 2000. That was as far as I had ever gotten. I guess I never really needed to calculate beyond there because 26 was old enough. When I was 26 we moved to Arizona and I learned that I would be 65 in the year 2038 ... because that is when my license expires.

This year I turn 40. The easy math tells me that 2073 will be a sweet year. I am shooting for that one and beyond.

Guess what? I am not old. I am also not young. I am in the "sweet spot". I have mathematical evidence that shows I am a better athlete right now than I have ever been AND I have room to improve. That is a great feeling. I also hope to carry the attitude that wherever I am on the timeline is the sweet spot.

This year has much larger implications. The new perspective I have gained through the fitness journey is fantastic. I can see the positive and it outweighs the negative in almost all situations.

I make resolutions all the time ... not just at the beginning of the year.

I intend to take a more well-rounded and diverse approach to my fitness routine this year. I believe this will not only give me a more balanced life but can also improve my fitness. I will do more strength training. I might do a little less time on the bike and opt for intensity. I will hike and trail run more and do more measured running speed work. My speed work for the run this year was inconsistent and at times TOO LONG to actually gain speed results. I am slow at swimming but I do enjoy it. I will be working on that quite a bit over the next year. I have to get more efficient in the water. I may need to change my breathing pattern. My giant head sinks me too much on my breath stroke.

I have hovered between 185 and 195 lbs. now for about a year and a half. This is not shameful considering I hovered between 225 and 240lbs. for about 10 years prior. I would like to hover between 175 and 185 on a permanent basis. I do feel better a little lighter. At 175 I would be about as lean as I want to be and I could maintain a normal lifestyle at that weight.

+++++++++++++++ Training Update ++++++++++++++

Hey Bryonman, are you training right now?


I have maintained my activity through running and walking. I walked for over 30 hours in December atop of running a half marathon, getting a PR in a 5K and doing run speed work. I have been to spin class on multiple days and even managed to sneak in a few swims. That said, I did drastically dial the training back during the holidays. It made me more enjoyable to be around than last year because I was not in the midst of training for a 140.6. The best part of all this has been the recovery. I had been having some nagging foot issues. The rest and some new shoe inserts have solved that issue.