Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Blog of 2012?

Lately, I am concerned with my blogging about trivial things.

Then again, what is trivial?

For example, I work in a somewhat subjective (sic: trivial) piece of a strongly objective field. However, that subjective piece (usability and web design) play a pivotal role in determining the viability of the fruits of objective labor. "What are you writing about Bryonman?"

It's like this: I can write the most standards compliant HTML, CSS and JavaScript and use the most tried and true server-side / database logic available and the end-result can still be 99% failure if the subjective piece (the user interface) is garbage. If the user's can't find what they need in the matter and time in which they expect ... they will leave.

I digress.

I feel fortunate in life.

I am in the habit of taking NOTHING for granted and I like it. I do not 'woe is me' as much as I once did. Generally speaking we (the collective we) have a choice on attitude ... and I find it easier nowadays to choose the positive path. I am not talking about choosing the "head-in-the-sand" approach. I am talking about taking the challenge of being positive in a negative world. It is my way of fighting back without using hateful words or thoughts. It also defends me against feeling sad and depressed by the news in the world. Sadness breeds deeper sadness. Mourning and sadness are separate things. I mourn all the bad news that I read and see ... but I search until I find some glimmer of positivity and work from there. Otherwise, what do I have?

So what is on tap for 2013?

Mission Statement 2013: Get Carrie healthy while having fun.

Are we going to race? You bet. Are we going to race as often? Probably not. We shall see. All I know is that we plan on being just as active and even more together than we were in 2012. She has allowed me to accomplish my GIANT goals - now it is time for me to play support dude to her own goals - whatever those might be.

I have three things on my list for 2013 that are set.

1) The Desert Classic Duathlon (if it is held). This will be my 3rd consecutive year for this race ... and this is the one that started the multisport craze for me.

2) A special spring-time race ... to be unveiled ONLY after the race is over.

3) The Pikes Peak Ascent - I qualified with my 1:37:22 half marathon time. This race is in August.

Other than those three things we have some tentative things on the schedule that will allow us to train together as a duo to get Carrie back on track. She's already run her first 13.1. As her knees continue to improve and we get more treatment we should see even more big goals accomplished. It's up to her. I will support no matter what.

Don't set resolutions for the New Year. Make the change now and start today.

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