Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A wish list of sorts

So we spent 6 billion dollars to drive a wedge further between our United States. I am quite certain that 6 billion could have been used in better ways.

Here's what I wish:

1) I wish that we could return to a cohesive union of individudalized states.

2) I wish people would think for themselves rather than have television, the pastor or the gasbag neighbor tell them what they think.

3) I wish people respected the office of the President - no matter what. I have been guilty of this myself. If there is no respect for the position it will never attract the true leaders we need.

4) I wish we, as a "civilized" society could return to TRULY caring about people. Two-faced niceities are WORSE than honesty.

5) I wish we had the LOGIC to team up to fight real issues ... cancer, environment and energy are issues worth tackling. Let me sum it up. No one is going to take your guns. It's a woman's body - women have brains so they can do what they want. We live in a country where you can say anything you want. Let's drink tea because throwing it in the ocean only ruins two good things.

6) I wish the two party system would go away. Math tells me that it is the cause of the country's division.

7) I wish the grumbling would stop. I know I am contributing to the negativity in this list, but I have a point. Wait for it.

--- I know what you might be thinking:

"Hey "toolbox" - this is a triathlon and fitness blog. I don't need to read your soapbox rants."

HA! Gotcha. You read it anyway. All 5 of you.

Here is the deal. We, as a unified front, can do ANYTHING.

1) Let's be more positive.
2) Let's be less sarcastic. I'm as snarky as the next guy - but it harms things.
3) Let's be less materialistic.
4) Let's only engage in healthy competition.
5) Let's find any hint of momentum and ride it out.
6) Let's engage in works that support the whole.
7) Let's bury 'we versus them'.

I applaud each American that can stand behind a cause. Here's the kicker ... let's use that energy toward the CORRECT causes. I don't believe I see many movements flying around in our era that are the correct causes. Moreover I believe some of the people and organizations that ARE trying to do the right thing get trampled on because they are in direct conflict with a corrupt special intrest. I am talking about organizations like Susan G. Komen - or Livestrong. These are organizations that have been dragged through the mud over what SHOULD be considered INDIVIDUAL faults or lapses in judgement. People make mistakes. We, as a people, should not penalize an entire movement due to the acts of an individual.

I think we'd be surprised if we unified.


I just learned this: My ninja name is

Zushifukato Rimomeikutata


  1. Good luck at IMAZ!!
    Go NinjaStyle BryonmanZushif on that course!
    will be a tracking
    cant remember your last name can you please post your bib#
    Great Luck and ENJOY!!!


  2. Replies
    1. YEAH BABY!!!!
      1779 !!!!!

      will-be-a trackin you tomorrow throughout the day
      dont let me see any slackin on ur bike or run spilts as they come thru:)
      keep pushin all the way to the end bro
      love the day
      not many people get to tee it up for full distance Iron!

      "Stay in the Momnent & Take care of your attitude... everything else will take care of itself"--Mike Reilly