Monday, October 8, 2012

Solid weekend -with perks

Carrie and I rode 31 miles on the canals on Saturday morning. Then she headed back to the house and I struck out on a hill climbing adventure. I did repeats on Scottsdale Mountain - which is steep. Most importantly it is nice pavement and there is very little traffic. I think I did the half mile ascent 8 times. I think the average grade is about 8% on that thing. It is not an easy hill. It felt good.

Yesterday I ran my second fastest 13.1 to date ... my fastest was in race conditions. I ran a controlled 1:45 13.1 with a negative split. I controlled myself for seven miles and then started quickening the pace. Each mile got faster as I went. I believe this is a first for me. I started with 8:20 pace and then dropped to 8:05 then 7:50 then 7:20 then 6:50 and finished with with 6:40. Funniest part of all this is that the ending was uphill and the pace still got more intense. There was more in the tank throughout the run too! It made me smile.

Training 13.1 Moderate Effort

Our new carpeting was installed on Wednesday of last week. It is such a nice upgrade. We are close to getting the inside of the house finished. It looks very nice and is much different than when we bought it back in February.

What lies ahead.

This week I will try and avoid any "all out" efforts. I will still train to keep everything fresh.

The 157 mile Cochise County Cycling Classic is now 165 miles.

165 mile route

My friend and speed demon - Brian Folts is riding with me. I am fast on a bike but he is just STOOPID fast. We should make a decent duo. It's going to be fun.


  1. Haven't been blogging or reading blogs in awhile, in fact, have really had a long period of downtime. Love seeing that you're doing great! Really love the progression run! Keep up the great work!

  2. You, of all people, know the importance of downtime. Thanks for reading. Good luck to you!