Monday, October 1, 2012

Intensity and distance ... last week's training

The updates to the blog are less frequent nowadays. I don't have any less to say. I do feel like I have said most things that are related to the journey. I want to avoid repetitiveness.

Last week was a very solid week of training. I hit all but one of my weekly goals. I did spin class two nights which completed the goal of five days straight with at least an hour of cycling with super good intensity. This goal served two purposes. It rested my feet after a 130 mile running month in September. It also reintroduced my legs, abs, back and neck to the idea of being on the bike quite frequently.

We did yoga two times last week. That was helpful. We lifted weights twice which was also helpful. I ran a treadmill 10K at lunch on Thursday. I swam three times last week - with one of the swims in the current of an infinite pool. Talk about an odd and challenging workout. 30 minutes in that thing and I was ready to do something else. I liked it ... just mentally fatigued.

On Saturday I rode 121.3 miles with over 5,000 feet of vertical climbing. This is my longest ride outside to date. I averaged around 18 miles per hour. The average speed wasnt the goal. The goal was to get the climbing and the mileage. Done! I have enough in the tank for the Cochise ride and I have a couple of weeks to lighten up and work on some speed work too! It should be a fun day in southern Arizona on Oct. 13th.

I wanted to do a long slow run on Sunday. I did not get up out of bed in time. Then the day got started and we were too busy for that to take place. No big deal. I had an 18+ hour training week last week ... and over 6 of that was on Saturday. I probably needed a break.

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