Monday, September 17, 2012

Where have you been for a week?

I've been running.


Bryan Howell
Phoenix, AZ

Rank 283 of 3,458 participants.

106 Total Miles of Trail Running in 16 days.

Challenge Completed at 105%.


This was tough. My previous high for ONE MONTH of running was 92 miles. I might be close to 200 miles for the month of September when it is all said and done.

These weren't flat miles either. In total, the 15 runs I did to get to 106 miles had well over 9,000 feet of vertical climbing.

I am also not going to lie. It made me tired. I will probably take a few days break from running.


Saturday's ride was going very well. I was averaging below 130 for my heart rate and still averaging about 17 mph. I was also climbing for nearly the whole three hours before I hit some debris on the side of the road and RIPPED a gash in the sidewall of the rear tire about an inch long. I tried to McGyver the thing in several ways - but the gash was too large. So my 120 mile day was reduced to 60. I am okay with it because I felt great after the ride. I know I can sustain enough power and endurance to ride the 157 mile Cochise Challenge in under 9 hours. I just need to maintain my fitness for the next three weeks.


Sunday's run was fun and it had a purpose.

A friend and a runner - Karyn Yates - passed away on 09/14/12. Karyn died from complications brought on by a brain tumor. She was very close with my high school chum Mike Seiler. Carrie and I got the opportunity to hang out with Karyn two times. The first night Carrie and I met Karyn we each felt like we had known her for years. She was one of those people who made you feel like she had lived a thousand lives and rather than being pessimistic - she was sunny and light - while still keeping an air of real substance about her. She was a good influence.

So I needed 14 miles to complete the Trail Running Challenge.

I ran 20.

At mile 6 or so ... while climbing a steep section of Trail 100 in Phoenix ... I stepped on one of those pointy rocks that are determined to leave my midfoot screaming for relief. I knew I'd messed it up for the day. I backed off the pace and just let things happen. It annoyed me for the next 12 miles or so. At mile 18 - it stopped hurting just long enough for me to finish the day with some pride. I thought - "So what ... you have a bruise on your foot. Just keep going." I did. I am glad. I will take a few days off to let it recover. I will also forever know that I did this 20 mile day for a reason and it was beyond my own selfishness.



  1. Nice run bender!! you have some great fitness rollin

    sorry about your friend

  2. Run bender! Nice. I suppose that is a good description. Avg. 7 miles per day for 16 days straight. Crazy.