Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy September?

I tell you what ... life moves by too fast nowadays.

In September 2010 we were in Nashville wrapping up selling a house over there. We had also just finished the fan hike episode of the show Motion on the Live Well Network. That was the episode on the John Muir Trail in the Sierra National Forest of California.

In September 2011 we were training up for the Bartlett Lake Olympic Triathlon. We had not yet done an Olympic distance race at this point last year.

And here we are in September 2012. We have had a huge year and we continue to stay busy with remodeling the house, working, training and traveling.

This was a good weekend. I found a balance of training with house chores. It makes life a little more pleasant that way. I ran and biked quite a bit. We walked. We talked. We painted three rooms in the house ... there is only one room left that has not received some level of painting - the laundry room.

I've been trail running in an effort to get over the calf issues I've been having. I have been experimenting with shoes too. I have been running in Newtons. I like Newtons. I believe I have outgrown them or something in my gait has changed. I ditched the Newton Gravity in favor of a two-year-old pair of Nike Vomero 4's and my calf problems went away within two runs. This morning I was calf pain free for the whole 11 miles - and it was a trail run chocked full of climbing (1200 or so vertical). So ... back to the drawing board on the shoe choices. The shoe experiment has netted me my most productive seven day stretch of running ever. I ran 52 miles from 8/28/12 to 9/4/12. Granted - the trail running paces are a bit slower - but the terrain is MUCH more volatile - and when I get out on the flat on the street things seems easy.

I went out for a 45 mile bike on Sunday evening. I flatted and there was a stout little headwind. I managed to keep my heart rate down to about a 135 bpm average. That is a feat for me. I usually just go out and hammer. I am trying to switch my mentality.

I have also switched some things around food-wise. I am not going to talk too much about the change until I KNOW that is has netted some results. Suffice to say this is the biggest diet switch I have made since March of 2011.

Hoping for cooler weather soon.

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