Monday, September 24, 2012

A slower week last week - by design

Last week I needed a little break. After three very solid weeks of running my legs needed a little rest. The calf issues are solved. I have had some annoying foot issues. The good news is, I had this same issue back in January when I upped my run mileage. I know how to handle it. Rest!

I did get three really solid bike rides in for the week. I backed off the mileage a bit and worked a little harder. I did some good steady climbing on Saturday's bike route. Yesterday's bike jaunt had some steeper climbing and I did them at the beginning and the end of the ride.

I ran a 10K on Thursday. This training run included my fastest 2 mile time, my fastest 5K time and was also my fastest 10K - in training - to date. If I had not had to cool the engines down at mile 2.6 due to foot issues, this would have been my best mid-distance run ever.

I swam for an hour twice last week too.

I retrospect, I guess I didn't take TOO much down time. I just decreased the time spent and the mileage.


Domestic Guy Progress

So Carrie and I have been working diligently on the house remodel over the past four weeks. This past week we finished off painting the cabinets in my bathroom, painting the cabinets in the laundry room and patching and painting the walls in the laundry room. We have also replaced the lower cabinet on the newest section of the kitchen.

Over the weekend I did some yard work, fertilized the trees and roses and worked on a plan to rebuild some shelving and storage in the workshop. There was a section of flooring that needed to be replaced with a slightly larger piece to prepare for the new carpeting we ordered on Wednesday. I also helped Carrie with some grout issues we had in the kitchen.


This week I will focus on spin class in my mad dash to prepare for the 150+ mile Cochise County Cycling Classic that starts and finishes in Douglas, AZ. Yes it is a one-day event. I am shooting for 8 hr. 59 min. and 59 sec. With SOMA 70.3 8 days later I will also be prepping to that race. I will swim at least twice, have one more long outdoor bike day and slowly bring back the run to finish the week with a 13.1 at a manageable pace before the taper. Usually I loathe the taper. This time, I know that I need it. It will be welcome.


  1. its all about the bike for the IM

    nice work!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement there "Speedy Gonzales".