Monday, August 6, 2012

Time travel - Fun outings - managing anticipation

Do you ever think about time travel? I like the concept. If you go too far into the details the issues become evident. I am not even thinking about the concepts introduced on Doc Brown's chalkboard in the original Back to the Future. I am talking about more basic stuff - like could you assimilate to the current time IF you had never lived during that era. For example - if I went back to the 1980's I could manage to fit in relatively easy. If I dropped in 50 years into the future or 1000 years into the past I believe it would be extremely difficult to assimilate - even given a longer stretch of time.

Yes, we watched a movie. It is called Happy Accidents. It was from 2000. Very interesting plot.

Last week was probably one of the more physically taxing weeks I have had training-wise maybe since March. The intensity of the work is getting higher while the duration is actually slightly down. I think I like this plan.

I had a great ride on Saturday morning. 57 miles in 2:38 with a controlled heart rate. Also had to deal with red lights and traffic - so I am really pleased with this effort. This is probably the best training ride I have ever had. Then we headed up to Flagstaff for some high altitude and cooler weather. We did a great hike called Sandy Canyon and went up to Fisher Point. Baron the dog was a little tired, so we turned back.

Yesterday was chore day along with another great hike. I did something yesterday that I haven't done in a while. I cooked most of my food for the week. This will allow me to focus on the key workouts leading up to next Sunday.

Have a great week!

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