Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This is crazy, right?

I love statistics but this one sort of scared me. Not like "Boo!" but rather like "what is the deal here?"

From August 27, 2011 through August 27, 2012 :::

I completed 715 workouts. That is almost two workouts per day on average.

I have logged well over 700 hours of training. That works out to around a 14 hour training week on average.

I traveled over 7000 miles during my training.

There are lots of sevens there. I guess that is good. I am thankful that I do not have any major pains or injuries with which to contend. Sore calves, feet and hips are acceptable.


Three nice runs in the bag this week. A 5K on Monday. A 10K on Tuesday. A 10.5 miler this morning. The calf issue seems to be disappearing. I am still learning.

Back to the spin bike this evening.

Until next time.

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