Friday, August 24, 2012

The Elephant in T1

Lance Armstrong -

Solo mis dos centavos. (Just my two cents.)

So the case is mostly based on hearsay coming from competitors that finished behind Lance in several races over their careers, right? I am no attorney and would not pretend to be... but even the language in the press release seems to lack "hard" evidence. No offense - but who gives a crap what the other competitors say -- without evidence.

So is this to what we are resigned? Is this fueled by jealousy? We've taken a guy - who has been scientifically shown to be the exception to the normal gene pool and decided that we must take away his hard work because others in the sport can't get over the fact that this gifted individual ALSO DID THE WORK to be the best...

I've done Ironman. I know what it takes just to start and finish that. Many of us on this board know what it takes. We SHOULD do it for the love of the competition an
d self improvement. I suspect Lance is no different - save the fact that he's a supremely gifted person with drive to boot.

If the USADA has proof... then show us the proof. I will vote for science over "testimony". Is this Salem and is Lance a witch?

The USADA is robbing the world of watching a guy do what he does while having fun doing it.

As far as the divas in triathlon / cycling - if Lance shows up - whips our butts at a race with a shark-like swim, a crushing bike split and a fantastic run I say good for him - if he passes what has now become his MANDATORY drug screens. Great! I got to be there and race with a guy that is one of the best endurance athletes ever.

100% pure, unadulterated "new world" bull crap. If you aren't looking at this situation with some distrust of "the machine" then you aren't paying attention. The real truth is that the people outside this situation don't even know the REAL story. Including me.

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