Friday, August 10, 2012

I like the Olympics

I like the Olympics both summer and winter. It always impresses me when we get to witness some of the top athletes in the world in their given sport. I am not as drawn to some of the sports as others. Some of the sports I do not really understand.

Race walking, for example, is a sport that makes me giggle a bit but also frustrates me. No offense to these folks, but this is not walking. This is a modified run with some wiggly hips and bad tibia angles. Even with the pause button on the streaming video I could pause and catch most of the walkers with both feet off the ground. A half marathon in one hour and 20 minutes is not a "walk". How fast would they be if they ran? I feel like we have not seen the fastest legitimate marathoner because he or she is busy race walking.

My race walking rant aside, each of these people had a dream and they have trained many many many hours. Their family and friends have supported and / or hated them during the journey. They have sacrificed a ton to get to where they are and I for one applaud them.

Here's another rant. Usain Bolt is fast. We get it. He is a character. We get it. Rodmanesque or not, why does this guy feel the need to showboat so much? Geez man, act like you've been there before. I can't run a 9.6 100 meter dash. If I ran a 11.6 I would be thrilled. I want to believe that if I was the fastest sprinter on the planet I would not feel compelled to A) Proclaim myself a living legend. B) Downtrod others who have reasonably questioned your career trajectory. No one ever doubted your speed Mr. Bolt ... 10.6 is still a fast 100m. What we have a tough time reconciling is the massive decrease in you 100m time in only a few short months. I hope you've done all this talking and winning without doping.

I am a Phelps fan. He was built and born to swim. He has worked hard. He's admitted he is not perfect. He says he is done with the Olympics. I hope not because the world enjoys his skill. Well done Michael. Take a break. Do some other things. Then decide if you are done. My prediction. See you in RIO Mr. Phelps.

Ashton Eaton and Trey Hardee. If the decathlon included a 400 IM swim, I would declare these two gentlemen some of the better athletes to walk the planet. I don't know which of the 10 events to remove to add the swim ... but that would be a true test. Either way, I do think it is fitting to hang "greatest" on one of these guys (and Bryan Clay too). I have always admired the track & field people. Those gifted people who can jump and run and make it look like they are supposed to be doing it.

How about the gymnasts? I like watching gymnastics. I like all of the events. Gabby Douglas peaked at the right time. We will get to see her again in Rio. How about that Netherlands dude on the high bar? "Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands produced a spectacular horizontal high bar routine." That and he has a great name.

In my next update I will unleash a wordy, non-sensical and self-centered race report for no one's enjoyment!

Until then.

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