Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Friday to You -

I have had a busy yet productive work week. I did manage to train a little coming off the half ironman on Sunday. I am usually ready to rock the day after these events. This was not the case after Mountain Man. I can honestly say that the first day I felt even close to recovered was yesterday. Certain courses will take a toll on the whole body I suppose. Still, I would not trade the experience. Good times.

The weather in Phoenix has been great for the past couple of days. Clouds and a little rain have been the standard now for over 48 hours. What a blessing. It was becoming unbearable there for a couple of weeks.

Tires of all sorts are expensive. I have found that out over the past few weeks.

What's on tap next? Fitness. More weight training. More swimming. Probably some form changes for my run to try and address the calf cramping issues. If the weather holds we will probably bike, swim and hike over the weekend.

My bike is on the mend. We re-routed some cables in the hope that both shifters will behave a little more accurately. I have a new front derailler. The SRAM Red had about 7,000 miles on it. I guess I will excuse it for wearing out. The spring was shot.

Good luck to all my peeps that are racing this weekend. The Pikes Peak marathon is this weekend!

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