Friday, August 24, 2012

Good week for training and a happy birthday

So yeah - I am a year older than I was on Wednesday. The thing is I feel younger than I did 10 years ago. Fitness.

I started out the week with a three workout day. I did a 6 mile trail run on Monday morning. I then ran the stairmaster at lunch for a 5K. That was quite sweaty. Later that evening we went for a stroll around the neighborhood.

I did spin class on both Tuesday and Wednesday. We lifted weights and did Yoga too. I also did an uphill run on the treadmill. I am working through the calf issues. I am trying to strengthen them. It's not an injury - it is weakness. I also need to stretch them out before going to bed.

Yesterday we went out for a spin on the canals. We got a break from the heat so it was nice to go cycling after work without roasting.

We are headed for the hills again this weekend. Flagstaff. We will cycle on Saturday and hike on Sunday. Cooler weather prevails!

Until next time.


  1. Happy Bday! the calfs will come you foam roll or use the stick? I did both all winter after aggravating my right calf in Nov and they really helped....but I think mine was a tweak or pull of some sort

  2. I do foam roll. I have the black roller ... the torture device. The stick. Does that work nicely? I have seen it.

    Thanks for reading. Hope all is well in "speedy DRog" world.