Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Weekend In The Pines

We've been to Flagstaff quite a bit lately. I like the mountains. I especially enjoy escaping the heat. To celebrate my birthday we spent the weekend up there riding bikes and hiking.

We rode on Saturday. The weather was great. It can be humid so long as the temperature is below 85. That's exactly what it was. There were lots of people out riding. I rode a 60 mile day with a pretty fast 19.5ish average. Of course it was at altitude and there was a fair amount of climbing. I did not feel 100% strong - but it was still a good effort.

Yesterday we hiked a bit of the Kendrick's Peak trail. It was humid and warm. We went up to the first saddle and it looked like there was a storm moving in - so we opted to avoid the lightining strikes. It was probably a wise decision. By the time we left the wilderness area the wind and rain started ... and we were surrounded by lightining. Good call!

So there it is. I am 39 and I am good with that. I've had lots of support and love that I might not 100% deserve.

Onward and upward. Lots of cycle time coming up over the next few weeks to prepare for the 157 mile Cochise County Cycling Classic.

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