Monday, July 30, 2012

Learning through every means possible.

I can't get enough information. Quirky, obscure or otherwise, I am a huge consumer of information. I guess that is both a built-in trait and a product of our times. Is it information overload? Maybe. I submit that only happens if the information taken in is not used at all and discarded without true understanding.

You are thinking ... where is he going with this ... and you might be on the verge of overload.

WAIT! Come back.

We were 120 feet up into a Ponderosa Pine in the San Gabriel Mountains on Saturday when I was given tons of information about the different types of evergreen trees in this area of Southern California. We were then strapped into a harness and clipped to a line and zipped 1200 feet across a canyon at 45 mph to a Sugar Pine on the opposing slope. After the excitement of the zip all I could think about was how awesome it was to be able to have this much fun and STILL BE OPEN TO TAKING IN NEW INFORMATION.

I am constantly on the lookout for new information. I process it and decide whether it will be useful to me in the immediate future OR to file it away for recall at a later date. None of it is useless. I have known for some time that I am not 'smart' but I do have a decently capable memory bank. I attribute it to head size. I have a huge melon.

The point? Keep learning and develop a healthy skepticism. It helps you in both the short and long term. I think true learning helps everyone around you.



Yes. I had an outstanding week of training last week. I ran my second fastest 5K on record (20:55). I did hill repeats on the bike on Friday morning and gathered about 1500 feet of climbing in a little over 25 miles. Along with our zip line adventure we stood atop Mount Baden Powell. The trail started at 6500 feet and ascended to nearly 10,000 in a little under 4 miles. It was steep. It was a great 8 mile workout.

This week will include some long and intense bike riding and running. I will swim at least 4 days this week. I already swam 2500 meters today.

The Mountain Man 70.3 specialness is on August 12th. I will be ready. My last race as a 38 year old.

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