Monday, July 23, 2012

Humidity in the Desert Heat + Sidebar

Wow. It's been that uncomfortable kind of hot over the past four or five days. That short period of time in the desert where the monsoons flow up from the south and cause a minute amount of rain, a ton of wind, some lightining AND humidity. It's not the humidity like a 90 percenter back in Kentucky but it is big news when the thermometer has triple digits on it in Kentucky too. I think it is a tie until the heat here goes over 105.

We rode a nice long ride on Saturday. It was silly how humid and hot it got. The heat can really zap you if you aren't careful. We stayed hydrated.

Yesterday I did a longish 14+ mile run with quite a bit of hills included. I was holding back a bit since it was a training run and SO HUMID. I still ended up running my second fastest 13.1 ever. I averaged an 8:09 pace - even with the hills and the heat. I am very happy with that output.

We also saw the movie "Ted". It was funny. It's not a completely AWESOME movie but it has it's moments. The animation they did with the bear is impressive.

We hung up a new kitchen cabinet yesterday afternoon - despite the fact that the HVAC stopped working at about noon yesterday. It was 90 degrees in the house all night last night. It finally cooled down to about 86 this morning before I left for work.


Sidebar: Aurora, CO Shooting

First of all I am truly sorry for the people involved in this incident. We used to live in Aurora and we know some people there in the area. I hope all of them are safe.

I am not going to get into a political debate over guns / no guns. The debate is old, tired and circular.

I would like to address the human factors side of this tragedy. Some people are wired a little differently. We, as the 'stable/normal' masses, try to categorize them as "imbalanced" and we treat them as such. We are potentially making the problem worse. For example, if a person has tendencies to be depressed we react by putting them on a series of chemical cocktails to enhance their "mood". The problem is that we create a biological crap-storm within their system and it often reacts in strange ways. Why do we do this? Because we are incapable of dealing with their depression.

I am not suggesting that the shooter in the Aurora theater was on any medications. I am simply citing an example of how we tend to manipulate a person's biology rather than have a helpful human relationship with them.

I am also not using the whole philosophical "what is normal?" argument. To me it boils down to nice and humane versus cruel and inhumane. What good does it do me to judge someone's behavior or lifestyle if their lifestyle does NOT negatively effect those around them?

Being quiet, shy or "backwards" does not hurt anyone SO LONG AS the quiet person does not beat up small animals and push elderly people out into the street at a busy crosswalk. That said - treating people harshly that are different CAN give their persona a violent shove from HARMLESS to mass murderer. We have seen this so many times in the past and yet we refuse to learn.

Whether it is triathlon training, work, teaching or family - I always try and be OBJECTIVE and look for the root cause when challenges are presented. Let's do ourselves a favor and look for root causes. If someone in the Aurora shooter's life would have looked deeper into his issues we may have 12 less murders today.

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